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Feeding the Machine 101. A Simple Content Marketing Strategy for Realtors

mmtmediafl // March 22 , 2022


Content Marketing Strategy for Realtors

Content Marketing Strategy for Realtors

"Feeding the Machine" 101

by MMT Media Florida, David Jamison

Content marketing is more than random Blog Posts, pointless video marketing or social media featuring the Donut of the Week.

So Let Me Set the Stage a Bit for You. Best Done with a Super Short Fictitious Story.

So I have a client that I have been working with for a couple of months and we are getting ready to wrap up their Online Presence build. The client was one of my most common types of clients where they will do the First 8 Steps as well as touching on Step 9, but without actually launching Google Local Service Ads or Facebook Ads or Retargeting

Want to better understand what is included in the first 8/9 steps?  Click Here:

So back to the client and the story...

So we are approaching week 8 and getting within days of a complete Online Presence Launch.

The client is getting a little anxious as they want to know what comes next. I say “Be patient, give me a couple of more days… And I will send you the Project Punch List as well as the Project Pass-Off Spreadsheet. I will schedule a training session with you and that will serve as the official launch”.

The client seems relieved but I can tell there is still a bit of anxiety brewing.

Why Anxiety? The client realizes after seeing their Google Business Profile up and working, their Amazing Custom “AgentFire” Website, the Hyperlocal Landing Pages, Farm Area Pages, Neighborhood Guide Pages, their Social, the CRM… It can get a bit overwhelming.

I get it. It’s a lot of tech. Simple and Easy to use, but still a lot.

My Clients are Realtors, not digital marketers or tech geeks. They are spinning a lot of plates on a daily basis.

Especially Agents that work Solo and not part of a team that might have a dedicated Digital Marketer as part of their team.

So let’s Fast Forward, 4, 6 may be 8 weeks. Their Online is growing, their Organic Local Ranking is improving, they are sharing a few social posts, a few property listings, hopefully adding those Property Listing Posts to their Google Business Profile.

They are getting a few new leads, maybe a listing (or two) and might have even had a closing on a new client property that came through their new online presence. 

Success, all it takes is a half of an average transaction commission to pay for their entire online presence.

But That Was Not The Ultimate Goal. That Was Just The Start. 

So we get back to the Happy Client getting anxious again.

Why, Again? Over the course of the building process and the communication I have with clients they hear me talking about “FEEDING THE MACHINE”. You don’t just launch and never touch it again and expect it to magically grow exponentially. Sure, it will grow organically over time.

And the way I approach the process, it often gets off to a rapid push in the Local Google Search space.

But now they want to know what to do NEXT? 

They ask, “What do I have to do on a daily or weekly basis to Feed the Machine?”.

And this is the MOST COMMON Question I get...

“What Is The Bare Bones Minimum I Have To Do In Terms Of Feeding The Machine To Make It Work And Grow?”.

So the things I talk to them about are this:

  •  Create Blog Topics for Buyers and Sellers. Maybe 3 to 5 Topics for each category.
  • Then Create your Social Posting Templates for promoting the Articles.
  • Then once you have the Articles and the Social Post Images (from the Templates) done, you can start posting to your Google Business Profile and Facebook / Instagram.
  • Then build Property Listing Pages in AgentFire and create Property Listing Posts for your Google Business Profile. Home Front Image, with Location Data embedded (EXIF), A Basic Teaser Description (Not all of the details), appropriate #Hashtags, the Property Listing Page Link and you are READY to Post a Listing on GBP.
  • If you have a Neighborhood / Farm Area Page your Listings should also be featured on those pages. Along with all of the other Resources Buyers or Sellers in your select Farm Area might find valuable. (Learn More about Farm Area or Neighborhood Guides Here, LINK: )
  • Then you will take the GBP Post and grab the SHARE Link and post it in the rest of your Social Media Platforms. (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tik Tok etc.)
  • Then if you are REALLY Ambitious and have Property Video (Drone or Virtual Tour Video), you can POST a YouTube Property Listing Video as well. Pretty Easy and it is nice because you can add that VIdeo from YouTube to the corresponding Property Listing Post on your Google Business Profile. And you can DROP the Link from the Google Business Profile in the Description in YouTube. (Cross Pollination / beginning steps of Flywheel Marketing, etc. More on this later)

So to LUMP the above into 2 Buckets, you have the Following:

  1. Evergreen Content: Buyer & Seller Education Articles and Social Posts that run in “Forever Mode” in your Social Media Scheduling Platform. (Buffer, Canva, Hootsuite)
  2. Property Listing Posts: for Google Business Profiles and all Social Platforms.
    1. Note: Property Listings should be focused on “Your Focus Farm Area #1”
    2. Borrow Property Listings to use as “Featured Listings” for your Farm Area.
    3. The Borrowed “Featured Listings” should be from “Your Broker / Agency”
    4. You can also work with outside agents that also focus in your Farm Area.
      1. This relationship & process requires approval from the External Broker

Content Marketing Strategy for Realtors

Sounds Easy and Straightforward. And it is, if you have done it all before. 

But for the Newbie just getting started it can seem a little intimidating.

I call this PROCESS of “Feeding the Machine” the Daily Disciplines or the Dirty Work.

And here is where the MOST COMMON Occurrence with POST Launch Clients come into focus.

And this is where the Marketing Anxiety kicks in.

Agents have 2 Options: 

  1. D.I.Y. - Buckle Down and Learn to do the “Dirty Work” so that they can “Feed their NEW Hungry Online Machine” or
  2. D.F.Y. - Pay a Real Estate Focused Content Marketing / Social Marketing Agency to do it for them. Note: It is NOT Cheap.  
    • And if you go this ROUTE it will NEVER END. It is a FOREVER Commitment.

Even though I provide the D.F.Y. Services for Clients, I recommend the D.I.Y. Route.

   It Is Important To LEARN To Take Care Of Your Own Machine

It is like a LIVING, BREATHING Creature, and if you build it, grow it and feed it… It will FEED You for a Lifetime.

Ok, maybe not breathing... But you get my point.

You have heard the saying:

“Give a Person a Fish, Feed them for a Day.

Teach a Person to Fish and Feed them for a Lifetime”.

So for your sake and the sake of my clients, I am going to lay out everything you have to do to “FEED THE MACHINE”.

The Basics I described above. Not everything you can do, but the most important and basic of all content marketing for Real Estate Agents.

A little bit of “Learn More About Me / Awareness” Content (Buyer/Seller Ed. Posts)


The #1 Real Estate Prospect Bait on the Planet: Property Listings.

People care more about Listings than they do Realtors.

Sorry, I hate to be the bearer of truth but it is TRUE. Sellers Search Listings to find out what their Home might be valued at. And Buyers start searching for Properties to find out what is available, what their budget might need to be and even people NOT in the Market (today) like to look at listings for “Dream Homes, Next Homes, Upgrade Homes, Downsize Homes” you name it.

People are searching. And these people can also be long term prospects for you. Don’t expect every prospect to call you, ask for showings and close all in 3 or 4 weeks. It happens, but it is few and far between. And when the Market is NOT in Gravy Train Mode, you have to learn that there is a Buying Cycle. That typical Buying Cycle is 9 Months and Prospects in your Pipeline fall in every timeframe within that buying cycle.

So let’s dig into the MOST Basic Content Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Agents.

Here is the DOWN & DIRTY Process:

Requested from an Agent / Client:

Give me 5 Topics each for Buyers and Seller for Short Informative Articles for your Blog.

10 Total...  Example:

5 Topics For Sellers: 

1.How much is my home worth

2. Is now a good time to sell

3. Getting your house ready/Renovations for sale

4. Finding the right realtor

5. Listing price vs selling price

5 Topics For Buyers:

1. Is now a good time to buy?

2. How easy is it to qualify for a mortgage?

3. How much (%) do I need to buy a home?

4. Can sellers assist/pay for buyers closing costs

5. Rent vs buying


Create 1 Blog Post based on each TOPIC. 

Use ChatGPT and/or to do the Headlines (The Headline is the TOPIC)

Content Marketing Strategy for Realtors


Blog Post Topic (Article Format)

   Blog Post Topic Format:   

  • Headline (H1 Header)
    • Sub-Headline (H2)
  • Repeat Focus Keyword phrase as H2, H3 throughout. Only one per Keyword Phrase
  • Blog Post Intro
  • Blog Outline (Key Points List Summary) Good for SEO, Like a Table of Contents.
  • Or “Listicle”. Similar to Outline. (Good Term to Know)
  • Blog Paragraphs (minimum 5 or 6) See Blog Length Info Below >>>
  • Blog Summary
  • Blog Conclusion
  • Links & Resources (External Links) In RESOURCE SECTION + Scatter them throughout 
  • Links to more of your POSTS (Internal Links) Scatter them throughout content as well.

Make sure to Optimize On-Page SEO with Yoast or RankMath.

When using AgentFire, Yoast. All other WordPress Builds, I use RankMath. Same types of Plugins.

Blog Length Info: From (BlockQuote)

One heavily debated question is: how long should a blog post be to rank highly on search engine result pages?

If you’ve wondered this, we’re here to answer your question. We spoke to a little over 100 SEO experts and analyzed several studies to bring you a response that may give your content marketing a new direction.

How long should long-form blog posts be to rank on search engine result pages?

According to Yoast, any posts 300 words and longer could rank on SERPs. Still, ranking highly for competitive topics is harder with short posts that length.

After thorough research and consulting industry experts, we’ve concluded that the ideal blog post length is between 1500-2500 words. Of course, experts agree that the length of a blog post is not one-size-fits-all and will vary across industries, niches, and subject matter.

A study by OrbitMedia shows that on average, blog posts have gotten progressively longer over the years. Currently, the average blog post is 1,416 words long.

Blog Post Length

As such, readers and search engines are beginning to favor longer posts. In turn, more bloggers and content marketing departments are focusing on long-form content at least 1000 words long.

Katheriin Libert, Head of Marketing at Outfunnel says, “I've been in content marketing and SEO for about 5 years now, and in my experience, length still matters when it comes to blog articles! Shorter blog posts (under 1600 words) just don't start ranking as well. And 3000+ word articles seem to be the "stickiest" on Google search”

On the Topic of Blog Length, worry less about that and worry about the CONTENT.

It is TOO Easy to Feed Key Points into ChatGPT or WordHero and have it spit out expanded content on each point. 

Writing a VERY Healthy Original Article is a Piece of Cake with the advent of AI for Search and Writing. You can even use ChatGPT to create Engaging Headlines, Landing Page Copy and More. Use all of the Tools that are available to you that make “Dirty Work” easier.

the Intro and then Simply ASK ChatGPT (as an example) Prompt: "Write a Short Article about A Potential Home Seller doing Research on their Home Value"


And then REPEAT for each of the other TOPICS.

I expect each Article will take you about 1 Hour.

Maybe 2 for the first one and then the rest are simply RINSE and REPEAT. 


Once you CREATE those 10 (5 Each for Buyers & Sellers) Posts, Create a Social Post (Branded for you - Easy in Canva) for Each of the 10 Posts.

Keep it Simple, unless you are a Branding Guru. Do not overthink the process.

And Canva has TONS of Realtor Templates to use as a Starting Point.

Jigglar for Real Estate Agents: Checkout Jigglar for Real Estate Agents. Jigglar Template PDF

Social Media Template (Samples):

Social Media Template 1
Real Estate Agent Social Media Template 2

Once you have the Blog Post and the Social Post Image Template, Set Up the Posts in a Social Scheduler (Try FREE or Canva) and Schedule them to GO OUT T, W, T, F, S Buyers in AM / Sellers in PM (Next Week Rotate) That is Your EVERGREEN Social Stuff that ALWAYS GOES.

A Good Social Media Marketing Platform will be a great addition to your Online Marketing Suite. You will find that it makes short work out of otherwise tedious tasks.

And many are super inexpensive. I have found, lately, that many Agents are using Canva. Since they added social scheduling in their premium package, it makes it easy since many are already using Canva for graphics and templates.

I use (Screenshot below). But unless you are doing more sophisticated content marketing, the basic scheduler is all that you will need.

Remember, Set them up on rotating schedules as I detailed above. That way it gets in front of everybody's eyes sooner or later. The Evergreen Content is Awareness Content.

Social Media Post Scheduler for Evergreen Content

Buffer: All-you-need social media toolkit for small businesses

Also POST those to Google Business Profile. Make Sure POST Images are SIZED for Google Business Profile. SQUARES Work, but best if they are 800x600ish for GBP Posts. ADD Matching / Associated Hashtags and ADD the BLOG POST Link in the LEARN MORE. Just Like Property Listings. I prefer to post to Google Business Profiles directly, but you can also use the tools above to post to GBP.


Evergreen meaning that it is Created Once and REUSED / REPURPOSED in a Social Scheduler similar to a Radio or TV Spot is Scheduled (Set it and Forget it… Kind Of)


Content Marketing Strategy for Realtors

The NEXT Phase is bringing all of this into and associated with your “Farm Area” Landing Pages.

This is NEXT LEVEL from the above. But I would consider this a Foundational Online Marketing element. And if you are already using AgentFire, it is a NO BRAINER to add the Neighborhood Pages that are an extension of your Featured Areas.

Ok, next steps. This is Driven by your FARM AREA’S Property Listings. 

YOUR LISTINGS and Your FEATURED Listings (from top of the article).

Build Property Listing Pages for them. Then Create a POST Image with the Home Front Pic with ADDRESS and Your LOGO in the Corner. Post those to Google Business Profile, and ALL Social. (Mainly FB / IG).

Let me show you a Basic Page (Not an In-Depth Build / But it Works and is Optimized Nicely)...

Note: For AgentFire Users:


It is ALL under Site Tools (just like Property Listings) Same Blocks and Widgets


Here is a Basic Sample:


Client Neighborhood Page (Basic) Start of "Farm Area" Landing Page

AgentFire Lifestyle Header for Neighborhood Guides

South Fork - humbertobatistarealtor

Looking at the Neighborhood Page and how it is structured. You Want it to become an INDEXED Resource Page for your FOCUS Neighborhood. The Goal is to have it appear on Page One of a Google Search when someone searches for “Neighborhood X in XYZ City”, add other keywords, i.e. Real Estate, Real Estate Agents, Homes for Sale, Listing Agent, Selling Your Home etc.


Note: For AgentFire Users:


The ONLY 2 Things I added on this sample above. The LifeStyle Header (in AgentFire as a Block) and the Bottom "LOCAL RESOURCES" Section. ALL of the basic stuff someone might search for if they were interested in living in Neighbor “X”. Remember, the Neighborhood Guide pages are easy as long as you already have a “Featured Area” created in AgentFire and ShowcaseIDX. 




It is SUPER EASY >>>

Building a Neighborhood Guide


Make SURE the YOAST SEO is optimized and on the GREEN LIGHT.

Add Sections in Spark Editor CUSTOM Sections that have LINKS ALL in One Place. 

Add some Descriptive TEXT for SEO Purposes. Using Keywords that someone that is interested in the AREA Might search for:


  • Neighborhood “X” Utility Providers
  • Neighborhood “X” CDD Website (if applicable)
  • Neighborhood “X” HOA Site

Then use for added Links (always at BOTTOM of Page) the Goal is NOT to drive people AWAY from your PAGE. But once they have been on your PAGE, if you choose to LAUNCH a Retargeting Campaign in FB or Google, you already have them in your Retargeting Audience. (Since they VISITED the PAGE)

State Gazetteer: Boundary Maps, Demographic Data, for 343,132 Communities


Now TIE IT ALL Together by having the FARM AREA "Neighborhood Guide Page", Your Listings and FEATURED Listing PROPERTY Pages all integrated. Ready to Rock and Roll... 

MMT Media Florida AgentFire Partner

Content Marketing Strategy for Realtors


The Listings SHOULD SHOW on the Neighborhood Page Automatically if they are in that Featured Area.

(ShowcaseIDX setup properly)

Or you can do CUSTOM listings with Showcase IDX Hot Sheets. (Short Codes) Drop in as Needed

So your "FEED THE MACHINE" Process is 10 Evergreen Posts, Your Property Listings (with AgentFire Page), other Peoples "FEATURED LISTINGS" and the POSTS Associated. 

Promoting your Farm Area "Neighborhood Guide" Pages on GBP and ALL of your Social.


LAST but NOT LEAST: Make SURE your On-Page YOAST Optimizations are TIGHT on ALL Assets / Pages used.


Note: For AgentFire Users:

Add INSTAFEED Social to AgentFire. See Instructions in Dashboard or Marketplace (FREE).

You have to go through the process and then AGENTFIRE Support will do the last parts.

(EXTRA "Must Dos")  
  • Create a YELP Local Page and Profile.
  • Make sure ALL of your ZILLOW / REALTOR Profiles are DONE 100%.
  • Integrate ZILLOW to AgentFire
Also SUBMIT Website for Directory Citations: 



Zillow 2 Way with Follow Up Boss:

Zillow Two Way Sync 

That is EXTRA Too... But needs to be DONE 

I would consider launching a LOW BUDGET "Google Local Service Ads" Campaign
Google Local Service Ads for Real Estate Agents!/

Local Services Ads - Lead Generation for Local Customers  


1. It gives you a CONDUIT to ALL Search for Specific Areas and Keyword Searches. You CONTROL the BUDGET. Less than 1 Mailer


2. When your BUDGET is EXPENDED (Based on Clicks, let's say 2 weeks) And you are NOT Getting Clicks from the 3 Pack Local Service Ads at TOP,  \Google still gives you a LITTLE Extra Search Juice for your Terms as they WANT you to Generate enough Revenue to continue to Advertise.


Plus Google has Dedicated Local Service Ads Specialists to help you SET IT ALL Up FREE. No Agency No Nothing. 

(Maybe start with $300)

 For those out of the West Central / Central Florida Area, Do a Search: "Real Estate Agents Ocala Florida"

(not a realistic search... But)

Pay CLOSE Attention to Ocala Realty World and a handful of others in the LOCAL SERVICE ADS space in Ocala.


They WILL Always SHOW the VERIFIED Realtors First even if NOT Showing in ADS (Budget not active or expended)


Plus Google will help you with your KEYWORD Planner

Then THOSE Keywords need to be REWORKED into your Landing Pages. 

*** Not Stuffed - Carefully Placed as valuable, searchable, relevant CONTENT relating to the SAME Keywords you are USING to Drive your LOCAL SERVICE Ads. ***


The concept is BIDIRECTIONALLY Connected. And PUTS you in a BETTER SEARCH Position in the EYES of Google.



DOWNLOAD the Article:

Register Here and get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to a PDF Version of this Article.

Use it as a Step-by-Step Guide to Optimize your own Farm Area Flywheel Neighborhood Page

Content Marketing Strategy for Realtors

RECAP from Step 7. Post:

The Solution to the Challenge is to compartmentalize the Content Marketing tasks and make it easy. Sounds Great, Right? 

But how do you do that? Well to start, replace the phrase CONTENT MARKETING, with Leads, Clients and Closing Bait.

Think of it more like going Fishing. You have to have the Right Bait to catch Fish. Same in Real Estate. But your Online Presence and your Content is the Bait. So how do you simplify. Content Marketing is really part of your Social Media Plan.

So let's look back on the last post: Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents.

So before I go into the Weeds with Content Marketing Tech, Types and other Mumbo Jumbo...

Read this: (and it may seem repetitive, but I think it is that important)

You FOCUS on 2 Areas:

Number #1. You create Evergreen Content. 10 Informative Articles or Posts that intend to educate (attract) potential Buyers and Sellers. I always suggest doing 5 for each category. Once you have the posts done, create a simple branded social template, drop the Post Featured Image in, add the headline and then add the Post Copy and Blog URL, a few select #HASHTAGS and add them to a Social Scheduler.

Part 1 is Done. Set it and Forget it. 

Number #2. You Focus on your Property Listings with Property Listing Pages and then Featured Listings that reside inside your Farm Area. Then create a Farm Area Landing Page and the Listings will appear within that page using ShowcaseIDX. More details on this below. Really, it is MUCH easier than it seems. Once Setup!

RECAP from Step 7. Post:

Content marketing

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy that involves creating and sharing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience. The goal of content marketing is to ultimately drive profitable customer action by building trust and establishing authority through helpful and informative content.

Instead of directly promoting a product or service, content marketing focuses on providing valuable information that solves problems, educates, or entertains the target audience. By doing so, content marketers aim to build relationships with their audience, establish their brand as a trusted authority in their industry, and ultimately drive more conversions and sales.

Content marketing can take many forms, including blog posts, articles, videos, infographics, podcasts, social media posts, and more. The key is to create high-quality content that resonates with the target audience, and to promote that content through various channels to reach as many people as possible.

Overall, content marketing is a long-term strategy that requires consistency and dedication, but can yield significant rewards for businesses that invest the time and resources into creating and sharing valuable content.

Hyperlocal Marketing Content Types for Real Estate Agents E-Book Guide
Content marketing

A few years ago (ok, 5 years), I created a marketing method for Coaches called the "Magnetic Audience Growth Method".

Otherwise known as the "MAG Method". I billed it as a "Give to Get" Marketing System. Where you would give away FREE Knowledge in exchange for eyeballs. Or an Audience. It was simple. It was based on a 9 Step Content Roadmap and each of the steps in the Roadmap represented a Content Bucket. (This goes back to my Coaching Certification with the Fletcher Method)

If something did not FIT neatly into one of the 9 Content Buckets, you DID NOT talk about it, post about it... Nothing.

It had NO relevance to the Content Roadmap and did not belong in the program. And it did not fit into Google's Perception of the content. It was NOT Cornerstone Content or Pillar Content.

I have always used that same concept with Real Estate Marketing for Agents. Pick your Topics and be a Master of those Topics.

Also, it keeps it Simple and Compartmentalized. Now you need to make darn sure you PICK Topics that are of importance and relevance to your intended prospect pool.

WHY? Because that is what they will be searching for. Yes, it seems a Little Like Mind Reading, but you should be in tune with your area, audience and what they are looking for.

And back to the Mind Reading. How do you pull that off? EASY!

First it is important to understand that on the Web, there are NO SECRETS. Almost EVERYTHING is there for the inspecting.

Easy to Reverse Engineer your Competitors Online Presence.

Even easier to do Keyword Research and Find Out what people are Really Searching for.

Google: What are People Searching For?
SpyFu Competitor Keyword Research Tools
I hope you Enjoyed...

“Feeding the Machine” 101 for Real Estate Agents!

 free downloads for real estate agents 

Get Immediate Access

to All of the E-Books!

13 in All...

The 9 Online Element Guides + 4 BONUS Guides. One for "Pulling it All Together"

+ 4 Step-by-Step Guides for Mastering the Art of Content Marketing & "Feeding the Machine"

  + As they are published + 

Content Marketing Strategy for Realtors

The BIG 4 Content Types for Real Estate Agents marketing inside their Farm Area:

There are many effective types of content marketing content, but the three most effective ones are:

  1. Blog Posts: And Blog Posts that feature Buyer / Seller Topics. These posts should address the questions they have for themselves starting to go through the process of Selling, Buying (or both). These Articles and associated Social Posts (Featured Images) should be the base or foundation of your evergreen content. It should be valuable, informative content that engages your audience and keeps them coming back for more. Blogging helps establish your brand as a thought leader in your industry, and can also help drive traffic to your website.
  2. Property Listing Pages: Your own + Featured Listings that fall within your Farm Area, and if you are BOLD, develop a relationship with a Realtor outside of your Broker / Agency and request permission to promote their LISTINGS that fall inside your Farm Area / Neighborhood Hyperlocal Landing Pages.
  3. Video Content: Video content. When you hear me talk about Video Content, I always start with Video Property Listings. Not just that fancy Drone Video Flyover. I am talking about taking images, video and details and creating a Video Version of what would be contained within your Property Listing Page. YouTube is the second largest search engine. Take advantage of that.
  4. Google Business Profile Posts: Take the Property Listing Pages and create a Property Listing Post, a short sweet version of it. Think more teaser than ALL of the details. Then add the "LEARN MORE" Link, drop the Property Page URL in... And do not forget to ADD your "GO TO" #Hashtags and Voila'.
9 Part Article Series:
9 Step Online Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Deep Dive Posts: Covering each of the 9 Elements in our 9 Step System.

The Complete Guide to Content Creation for Realtors
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Google Business Profile Setup or Optimization?
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