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Step 9. Better Lead Generation, PPC for Real Estate Agents in 2023

mmtmediafl // March 16 , 2022

9 Article Series on the 9 Online Presence Elements for Real Estate Agents | 9 of 9

Lead Generation for Real Estate Agents

The Story: 

It's Official, the Real Estate "Gravy Train" is Over!

But there is Good News. There is a Way To Generate More Leads than you ever had during the "Way Too Easy Hay Days".

How to Leverage Low Cost PPC for Real Estate Agents.

So I am sure you have done a Google Search on yourself as a Realtor... Right?

You are working hard on moving up in the Local Search Results, you have been optimizing your Google Business Profile, doing On-Page SEO, Posting on Social and more. Lot's of Hard Work. Yes?

What if I told you that ALL of that is SUPER IMPORTANT, but what if I told you there was a Sneaky Back Door to RAPIDLY MOVE Up the Local Search Food Chain?

I want to say there is a WHOLE NEW Method of doing just that... 

But the Reality is that this BIG SECRET BACKDOOR is not really that new.

So many of my Clients and Readers have heard me talk about Google's Local Service Ads.

Google launched Local Service Ads (LSAs) in 2015 as a way for local businesses to advertise their services through Google's platform. However, LSAs were initially only available in select cities and for specific service categories such as locksmiths and plumbers. Since then, Google has expanded the availability of LSAs to more service categories and locations, including real estate agents, and has continued to develop the features and functionality of the platform.

You have seen them. The 3 Pack at the TOP of Search. Even above regular Google Ads? Sure You Have.

Do a SEARCH in Google, something simple and predictable:

Like this: "Real Estate Agents, "Your City" "Your State"

See the 3 Ads at the Top?
Google Local Service Ads

The 3 Ads above the rest of the Google Business Profiles. You probably asked... "What makes them so Special?"

These somewhat new type of Ads are showing up constantly now. Why Now? Well, the "Gravy Train" Stopped.

Brokers and Agents had to keep the business moving and if it meant running ads (like most businesses do), then that was what they were going to do.

And if they did not work with an agency and called Google Directly and told Google "I am in the Real Estate Business", then Google immediately directs them to GLSAs.

That is short for "Google Local Service Ads".

I am sure most of you are familiar with Google Ads, and PPC (Pay-Per-Click Advertising). But there is a BIG MYSTERY with PPC for most smaller local agents. PPC is Scary for most.

You are Paying for Clicks, NOT Leads.

Who Knows who is CLICKING. That is like somebody hitting your ATM at will. Hmmmm?

Learn More about "Lead Generation" for Realtors

What if there is a Better Solution for Hyperlocal Agents?

There probably is NO BETTER Solution for Real Estate Agents than Google Local Service Ads.

For Real Estate Agents focused on a Hyperlocal Farm Area look no further for your Primary Source of Lead Generation!

Google Local Service Ads = Real Estate Lead Generation

Here are a few of the Surface Benefits:
  • Your Ads Appear at the VERY TOP of the Search Page
  • You can FOCUS on very small Hyperlocal areas.
  • You are Google Screened and have a BADGE (Agents are "Verified")
  • You Pay for LEADS, not Clicks.
  • You CONTROL your Budget 100%
  • The SECRET BENEFIT: You Show Up Higher in Google Business Profile Searches for "Agents" because you are SCREENED

"The Backdoor Method of Rising to the TOP of Local Search... FAST"

Better PPC for Real Estate Agents: Google Local Service Ads

So lets talk a little about the Details of GLSAs:

From Google's Page for Google Local Service Ads...

The Google Guarantee check mark does reassure clients that we're a legit business, so there's a lot of value in that.
If the service category is professional, care, education, or wellness services, you’re eligible for a Google Screened Badge. This badge tells potential customers you are a fully licensed and vetted Google-backed business. It helps you build a trusted reputation online and gives people the confidence to book with you.

How do you get the “badge” that some agents have in their ads?

  • Passing a background check
  • Providing your real estate license information
  • Providing proof of insurance

“The background check involves identity and criminal history checks, like cross-checks against national sex offender and terrorist or sanctions registries in the US,” says an unnamed writer at

“At the company level, the process includes civil litigation history, like judgments and liens from federal and state courts in the US.”  Agents aren’t charged for these investigations.

Learn more about the process at

So think about this for a moment. If your Potential Prospect is Searching for an Agent and comes up on these VERIFIED or SCREENED Agents, and then sees yours, and you are NOT Screened...

Who are they going to Choose?

I Strongly Suggest Getting Screened!

And the Great Thing is that it is Easy, Fast and COSTS Zero!

You could theoretically get "SCREENED", setup your Local Service Ads, run them for a few days (1 day) and then PAUSE your Campaign. And Viola', you are STILL "SCREENED". They cannot take that back.

You can run a ridiculously low budget campaign ($50). On average a Real Estate Agent in Tampa will pay roughly $25 per lead.

So at a $50 Dollar Budget that is only 2 Leads. Well Close 50% of your Leads... Then your Customer Acquisition Cost is $50.

And you are still marked as Screened. And you get the PREFERENTIAL Backdoor Move Up the LOCAL SEARCH Food Chain.

Here is a BULLET LIST or Q&A List on Google Local Service Ads:
  • What is the difference between Regular Google Ads and Local Service Ads?
    • Regular Google Ads are Pay-Per-Click and rates are based on Bid Rates for Keywords
    • Local Service Ads are Pay-Per-Lead (varies based on market) and are focused on your "SCREENED" industry
    • Your AD Runs at the Very Top of the Page (Always - if Budget is ON and Search Criteria Matches)
  • What is the difference between Regular Google Ads and Local Service Ads?
    • Regular Google Ads are Pay-Per-Click and rates are based on Bid Rates for Keywords
    • Local Service Ads are Pay-Per-Lead (varies based on market) and are focused on your "SCREENED" industry
  • Do I have a Minimum Length of Run or Contracts?
    • The Simple Answer: NO
  • What are the Primary Benefits of running Google Local Service Ads?
    • Create More Local Awareness in your Hyperlocal Focus Farm Areas
    • Establish Greater Trust and Authority in your Hyperlocal Market "Google Screened"
    • Control your Time and Availability. (My opinion on this: Open 24 Hours a Day) Get Leads when others are OFF
  • How much are Google Local Service Ads for Real Estate Agents?
    • On Average: $18 to $50 based on Geography. Sounds like a Wide Range? It can be. In Florida, use $25 avg.
    • They are SIGNIFICANTLY Less Expensive than Zillow or "And they are NOT Shared Leads"
    • You Control your Budget: You will now have a Bottom of the Funnel Lead in your CRM to Nurture, ask for referrals etc
  • Do my Google Local Service Ads help my Google Business Profile Ranking / Optimization?
    • OK, this is part of the BIG Backdoor SECRET:  The Answer is a RESOUNDING "YES".
  • Am I Paying for Better Google Business Profile Rating? 
    • NO, definitely NOT. But what if you are Paying for LEADS and a Better GBP Rating is a Side Benefit?
      • NOT A BAD DEAL!
  • Does Google use Random Images or My Agent Profile Picture in the Ads?
    • Your Agent Profile Picture!.
  • Do the Ads drive Website Leads or Phone Calls?
    • The Goal is a Phone Call. And you can Route it to a Google Ad Phone Number and Capture all of the Caller Information, even if you do not speak with them.
  • How do I get Charged for the Ad / or Lead?
    • Google only charges you for Legitimate Buyer or Seller Leads.
  • If I do not Answer a Call do I get Charged?
    • This is a little trickier. But here is the Kicker. The More you Answer, the MORE you Get!
      • I recommend having the GLSAs setup on a Dedicated "BAT PHONE"
      • Always ANSWER Money Calls! 


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