Why GOOGLE MY BUSINESS Matters in 2022!


The Story: (quoted from the GMBDudes.com Blog)

The 10 Reasons Why...

You Must Have a "GREAT"

Google My Business Profile!

So I started out with the 10 Reasons WHY you simply NEED a Google My Business Profile... But you really need to go to the next level. Why?

Because it is easy to have a GMB Profile...

But You NEED a GREAT ONE to Stand Out!

And to Kick Your Competitors Ass! Period!

Visit the Blog Post @ GMBDude.com (GMBDudes.com is now part of DavidJamison.com) Stay Tuned for Blog Post to be added here.

Learn why Google My Business Optimization should be a Foundational part of your Local SEO efforts! I think the 1st thing you do! (imho)

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