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David Jamison

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A few of my properties that I have developed, and Yes, I use my own preaching in virtually all of the sites I develop. Including my own!

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After over 200 Successful Online Projects...

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Dave is Awesome... I Learned More From Him in 1 Summer Internship than in ALL 4 Years of College... And I Majored in Digital Marketing! He helped me set my entire Online Presence Up. And It Rocks! From Thrive Themes for Wordpress to ActiveCampaign for Marketing Automation... Total Marketing Tech Geek, but in a good way!

Sarah James

Marketing expert

David is "The Marketing Dude"...

No... He Really Is...

"The Marketing Dude!" I think he is an Expert at Every Piece of Marketing Software I have Ever Used. I Think He is Some Kind of Marketing Software Idiot Savant.

And No Dave... I did Not Call You an Idiot! I Promise!

Mike Tatum

Designer ui/ux

David is probably the Smartest Marketer I have ever met!

He Literally Knows Every Phase from Start Up to Scaling...

He is more than a Swiss Army Knife... He is Like a Marketing Maestro... Online is His Symphony! OK... That is a Little Much... But You Get My Point!

Lisa Bellucci

CFO of the company

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