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Educational Series, Part of the "Local Genius" Training for Realtors

Become a Better Local Agent

9 Simple Steps

for Online Marketing Success

Looking for Better Agent Marketing?

9 Step Online Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Hyperlocal Marketing for Real Estate Agents

It is essential for any real estate agent to have an effective online presence. In today's digital world, having a good online presence can make or break an agent's success in the industry. Agents need to understand the importance of the nine elements that contribute to creating a strong online presence. These include a Google Business Profile, local search, and hyperlocal marketing. By focusing their efforts on these specific areas, agents will be able to maximize their visibility and convert more leads into sales.

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The 9 Article Series:
Better Hyperlocal Marketing for Real Estate Agents

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What you’ll Learn in these Articles:

Part 1

Google Business Profiles for Real Estate Agents

Google Business Profiles are a great way for real estate agents to promote their services and increase their online visibility. By optimizing your Google Business Profile, you can increase your visibility and attract more clients to your real estate business.

Part 2

Local Search, On-Page SEO, Google Maps & Local Ranking

Local search and on-page SEO are crucial for real estate agents to increase their visibility and attract potential clients. Submit to ALL Directories (Citations), Use Local Keywords, Optimize for Mobile, Add Local Images with EXIF / Location Data. Do On-Page SEO with Yoast, More.

Part 3

Hyperlocal Landing Pages for your "Farm Area" Flywheel

Hyperlocal landing pages are web pages designed to provide targeted information about a specific location or neighborhood. These pages typically include information about the neighborhood's amenities, schools etc. Be the Local "Farm Area" Expert!

Part 4

Real Estate Agent IDX Websites & Listing Pages

Agents who use IDX websites can customize their website's design, add property search filters, and provide clients with advanced search options. You can capture leads by requiring visitors to register to view full property listing details or receive alerts.

Part 5

Real Estate Agent CRM Capture, Engage & Close

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is a powerful tool that can benefit real estate agents in many ways: Collect Lead details, Improve communication & engagement, automate repetitive tasks, streamline workflow and provide Better Marketing.

Part 6

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents

The Core of Social Media Marketing for Agents is to raise awareness and position themselves as a Local Authority. Inform Potential Buyers & Sellers. And Present Property Listings in a Powerful way for Marketing and long term Search Engine Optimization in their Local Market.

Part 7

Better Content Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Content Marketing for Agents is often somewhat of a Black Hole. Agents have to "FEED THEIR MARKETING MACHINE" but often lack the Tech Skills or Awareness of what Content Types are best to grow their awareness, brand and ultimately generate more sales.

Part 8

Email & SMS Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Email marketing can be a very effective way for real estate agents to reach out to potential clients and keep in touch with existing ones. Become a Pro Email marketer with a well-rounded approach to email marketing that focuses on delivering value to their subscribers.

Part 9

Lead Generation: Google Local Service Ads for Realtors

Google Local Service Ads are a type of Google Ad that can be a competitive advantage to attract local clients. Be a "Verified Agent". This sets you apart from others in search, and even when your budget is exhausted. You appear higher in Local Search as a verified profile.

Become a Better Local Agent in 9 Simple Steps
Better Local Agent