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Time to Take Your Online Business to the Next Level?

This FREE Call can be that one step that helps you achieve your online goals. By getting clear on 2 or 3 key points, that is often the difference between success and failure with online marketing. ZERO Pressure, NO Sales Pitch.

Just a brief 30 minute chat about your online marketing business & goals.

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What You’ll Get During This FREE Strategy Call:

First, we will have a 15 minutes easy chat about your online business or business goals.

  1. 1
    I'll take some notes
  2. 2
    Send you a copy of my notes & insight
  3. 3
    Discuss Core Aspects of every successful online marketing effort.

Then I will cover how I approach client projects (large or small) & new client launches.

  1. 1
    Plan Phase (GMB Profile or Full Funnel)
  2. 2
    Build Phase (the Tools & Methods I use)
  3. 3
    Grow Phase (the 3 Key Aspects of driving quality leads to your site)

Provide you with FREE Worksheets & Templates for Phase 1 (Plan) of your Project

  1. 1
    Ideal Customer Avatar
  2. 2
    Magnetic Messaging
  3. 3
    Magnetic Offer - + I will also send you a 9 Step Worksheet to use.
What You Won't Get:

Pressure Tactics, Sales Pitches, All the stuff that none of us want to here.

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A little praise from a few of my clients...

Within 6 weeks I had gone from ZERO leads, to Over 700. 

My marketing needed a complete makeover. Personal Branding page setup for Local Search. Google Profile? I had none. Social, Ads, What? I needed help bad. I was referred to David and I scheduled a call. Within 6 weeks I had gone from ZERO leads, to over 700. And I already have 2 closings scheduled from the business I generated. What a Huge Difference. Thank You David!

Wendy R. | New Real Estate Agent

Griffin Valdes

"I have know David for along time. I called him just for some advice. We were launching a Streaming TV Service. I figured he could point me in the right direction. He told me that he was pretty swamped, but had a 2 week window open. I figured, what could he possibly finish in 2 weeks? I sent him a sheet that me and my partners had scratched out. And then I sent him the company's website that we are working with. There stuff was not that great, but I figured it would get him started. I got probably 80% of everything back and done before I had even been invoiced the final payment. He even did out Logo because he was waiting too long for our designer. It was meant to be a placeholder. It was better than the one we paid for. I never really realized how good he was at this stuff.
I guess I made a lucky call for info.!"


I had been using another real estate marketing platform and it just was not working for me. It was confusing and outdated. I found MMT in an online search. I took a look at some of the tools and services. After our call I signed up to be a client
I had my entire online marketing system up and running in less than 3 weeks.  We started with social and blogging and then I added paid ads and things simply exploded. I could not be happier. The system included my Website, the crm, my search and ads and I actually know how to use it and I have already generated more leads than I had in over 6 months doing things the "OLD WAY". So Glad I found MMT. What a difference.

Rob H. Realtor

I always love getting great feedback from "Happy Clients"! DJ


Hi, I'm David Jamison

I am the owner and founder of MMT Media Florida. I have been running MMT (MarketingMouseTrap.com, a small agency since 2010.

This year I decided to begin operating as "ME" David Jamison. So MarketingMouseTrap.com is in the process of being converted to a Marketing Tools / Software Review Website.

As "Me", my focus is helping clients get "Better Results" with their Online Presence.

Whether you run a small local business, are the owner / broker of a Real Estate Agency , or maybe an Agent. Or maybe a Coach or a Creator. I have helped numerous types of businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs generate great results with their web marketing.

I hope you schedule a call and we have the opportunity to talk. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the call and what you walk away with. Client or Not.

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