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Top 10 Reasons you MUST Optimize your Google Business Profile

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Google Business Profile Optimization

Updated: 3/2/2023

The 10 Reasons Why...

You Must Have a "GREAT"

Google My Business Profile!

So I started out with the 10 Reasons WHY you simply NEED a Google My Business Profile... But you really need to go to the next level. Why?

Because it is easy to have a GMB Profile...

But You NEED a GREAT ONE to Stand Out!

And to Kick Your Competitors Ass! Period!

Google Business Profile

Show Up in Google Maps Searches

Showing up in Google Maps, or "Near Me", when potential customers are searching online is more important than ever. Make sure that your customers, and future customers can find correct, updated information about your local business on Google Search and Google Maps, no matter what type of device they are using. 

We offer a FREE GMB Optimization Course that teaches you how to do this. REGISTER HERE!  Plus I reccomend that you sign up for Google's FREE Training as well. REGISTER NOW. In Google's Training,  Part 1 will teach you how to create and manage a Google business profile from start to finish.


Show Up In Google’s Local 3-Pack*

Show Up in Google's Local 3-Pack

Now this one is an extra. But I put it up top because it is key. Why is it an "EXTRA", well it is a Paid Placement. Google Ads gets you there based on search, but you must have a great Google My Business Profile to bump the next bidder if all else is equal. It is the "Google Love"!


Earn Trust from Visitors & Customers

Earn Trust from Google Search Visitors

Having a Great "Verified" GMB Listing goes along way with your visitors and customers. From good information, current posts, hours of operation to reviews. Learn More Here on Google's on support forum. Click Here To Visit Google Support


Star Ratings Boost your Clicks

Get More 5 Star Google Reviews

Get those 5 Star Ratings! We everyone knows how important reviews are. We can give you some secrets on how to get out of the gates with 50, 75 maybe even 100 Reviews in a week or less! Tell More you say... Register for our FREE Training.


Increase Visibility, Traffic & Sales

Outrank your Competitors Online

That is the "Name of the Game". This is actually a by-product of doing the other 9 right! Was just trying to keep you on your toes! Read On!


Allows Prospects Searching to Learn...

Educate your Online Prospects about your Business

Allows Prospects who are searching to learn more about your business. Website or Not! We have clients that use GMB and Facebook, and drive a SH@# Ton of Business. Sure I believe all businesses should have a website. But the combo mentioned above is dynamite. 


Rank Higher in Local Search

Rank Higher in Local Search (Crush your Competition)

Look, this one seems obvuious. But we have done client setups, with and without websites. And with and without Google My Business Profiles. Google controls everything... Right? I am here to tell you that the impact the a properly optimized Google My Business Profile has on SEARCH, far outways any amount of SEO you can do, if you look at it on a Dollar by Dollar Cost Basis! That is a Fact!


Increased Engagement

Enhance your Visitors Online Engagement

The great thing about GMB, is that you can set it up to Schedule Appointments, Chat directly with prospects, sell products via Google Shopping and more. The messages section is simply an unfair advantage compared to competitors NOT using this feature. Are You Using It?


Free Advertising on Google...

Learn How to Get FREE Advertising on Google

Essentially this is what you are getting. If your are optimized Google likes to show it off in "Near Me" Searches.

Use this to your advantage.



Stand Out in Google Local Search

This is Right out of one of my mentors "Playbooks". Well actually it is the name of his book. But on with the STAND OUT part... A Google My Business Profile is hands down the best way to set the proper foundation for your Local Marketing Search. Period. Why do all of the other stuff and not do this. When this is the Best Way to Stand Out! And it is close to FREE. Well, unless you pay us a few dollars to make it really STAND OUT! Which I strongly recommend! 🙂

Learn More About Our FREE Training!

Get Started Creating Your Own "Google My Business" Profile / Listing

Google My Business
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MMTMediaFL is David Jamison | Owner & Founder since 2010 | Digital Marketing Consultant

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