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What makes Me any Different than the Rest?

Some people call it the "Secret Sauce"

Others call it the "Spooky Dust", whatever that is?

It is Better Marketing wrapped in a Proven Marketing Method

"People I have coached have given theirs fancy names,
My mentor had a fancy name for his. It's OK."

It was always something like the "X" System, or the "Y" Method, the "Z" Formula. I always thought it was amusing. During the funnel craze I called mine the "Perfect Funnel Formula". Not bad, Right?.

Got tons of clients. I doubt they really cared what the name was. They just knew that I knew my stuff and could get them to the online promised land! Whether they were a small local business or a coach, agency, consultant ... Whatever!

I get it It is Branding 101 . . .

But it is Way More than that!

But I was more concerned about the steps to the process. I wanted to have a very clear process that my client could assist with and also follow along. Not only was I providing a service, I was educating my clients along the way. Many of them planned on self administering. So it was necessary. But they were double dipping on the value of the build process.

The one thing that I believe in strongly is that the system needed to be my "Calling Card". I have an engineering background. (Civil / Infrastructure ... Boring!) So I kept gravitating towards, PLAN, BUILD and the Traffic, Leads, Conversions, Sales side was the Growth Marketing aspect of the process.

So it became PLAN, BUILD, GROW!

Brand Recipe

Let's call it your Brand Recipe ...

I call the entire process the 

Signature Solution

or your Product Roadmap

All projects start with this strategy phase to determine what your company needs to grow. We’ve helped everyone from Fortune 500 companies to startups find their Brand Recipe. Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Research your product, brand, website, marketing, competition, customer, and market
  • Step 2: Provide a brand positioning strategy that takes advantages of voids in the marketplace
  • Step 3: Create a brand messaging guideline so everyone in the company clearly conveys why you’re better than the competition
  • Step 4: Define the optimal marketing & growth strategy for your company

This all happens in the PLAN Phase.

And it really started to pull together. Clients calling my process the Secret Sauce and then talking about Brand Recipes. A Cook call it a recipe, a technical guy calls it a process or a system. I am the latter.

Phase 1 of 3

3 Steps in each Phase of the

Signature System

This is really about Market Research & Branding. The first step of the Plan Phase is developing your Client Avatar.

And NO the Avatar is not the blue people in the movies. It is simply your Unique Prospect & Customer, Demographics, Psychographics of the perfect person that will become your customer or client.

A special framework to make the development of your "Avatar" Super Easy

Once we have that step nailed down, we move on to the, Messaging, and the "ONE" Offer. One? Yes you will learn more as we go.

Stay with me. It will all make sense shortly. (Each step and the overall system have dozens of easy to follow frameworks we use)

Here is what to expect if you "Work with Me"


Remember, this is NOT All Coaching!

"Done-For-You" Services Way Better than the Big Agencies and Rates that are NOT Paying for a BIG Building.

Looking for Digital Marketing Services?

Maybe you are a Realtor or a Broker?

I got you covered there too... I layer in an element BIG Marketing for Small Business in my Agent Marketing

Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agents

 The 9 STEPS of the PBG Signature Solution

Product Roadmap
This Stuff Works for ANY Industry!
Big, Small, Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Local Sports Coaches, Skill Trainers, Gyms, Spas, Fitness Trainers...
You Name It! It Works!

Your Unique Prospect & Customer, their Demographics, Psychographics

We will dig into this deeper if you decide to work with me.

If you want to learn more in advance, visit the signature solution page or the frameworks page. Go Ahead a Schedule a Call


Highly Targeted. Speaking directly to your Avatar and their Unique Needs

We will dig into this deeper if you decide to work with me.

If you want to learn more in advance, visit the signature solution page or the frameworks page.

Go Ahead a Schedule a Call

Register: Signature Solution Overview

Keep Digging, 7 More Steps in the System

Want to get a peek into how I approach your project?


Many have questioned it . . .

Few have truly implemented it properly. But I can say this with conviction. Those that have, 100% of them have had huge increases in their online success. And are to this day running very successful online business endeavors. They have a predictable system that generates traffic, leads, conversions and customers.

Now we all want that, Right? 

Kind of sounds like an Online ATM Machine :)

Scroll down a bit and register for the FREE Overview ...

ZERO Strings Attached, Go Ahead and Get Started

Why You Should use a Signature System

Even if you Don't Know what it is!

Product Roadmap

Learn What It Is and How to Use It!

Your Business Results will Thank You!

Pssst, Think of it as your Undercover Content Marketing Strategy.


9 Step Signature System

Website Design, Conversion Optimization & Copywriting

Your website exists to drive a visitor from awareness, to clicks to conversions. Ultimately resulting in a purchase.

I plan, design, build, do compelling copy and optimize your website to ensure that it is conversion focused, no matter what product or service you sell. 

  • Develop a website plan
  • SEO focused copy *
  • Design all pages of your website (1,3,5 & custom)
  • Provide basic images
  • Create SEO plan & optimize core pages for target keywords
  • Write a 5P email automation sequence or workflow 
  • Connect Google Analytics & your Facebook Pixel
  • Integrate email marketing and CRM tools
  • More ... 
  • Visit My Websites Design Page Now >
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Learn More about my Digital Marketing Services:

Many of my clients have launched with me and I have taken them from Launch to Profitability. 

Handling virtually every aspect of their online marketing.

If your business grows beyond my personal bandwidth ...

I have an amazing network of super talented experts that I work with to handle unlimited growth.

Services Offered:

From launching locals from scratch to running ad budgets for multi-million dollar businesses

From Simple Starter Websites, Google Business Profiles, Real Estate Agent Websites and Marketing to full blown Online Presence Development, Sales Funnels, Lead Generation, Social Media & Content Marketing ... and more. 

Industries & Focus Areas

My Focus is Real Estate Marketing, Med Specialties & Sports & Fitness, but have worked with 20 + industries

Marketing Services I Offer:

Google My Business Profile Setup & Optimization

Website Design, Landing Pages and Sales Funnels. Optimized for Conversion

Email, SMS & Messenger Marketing. Complete Marketing Automation

Social Media Profile Setup & Optimization. Social Content & Scheduling

Local Search, Complete SEO, On-Page & Off-Page, Blog Articles, SEO Video

Content Creation. Lead Magnets, Infographics, Video Creation

Pay-Per-Click Advertising. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, GDN, YouTube Ads & More

Retargeting & Remarketing Custom Audience Creation Competitor Targeting

Website Design

Landing Pages

Sales Funnels

Search & Organic Traffic

Email Marketing

Marketing Automation

Social Media

Content Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Ads



Conversion Optimization

Industries Served

Real Estate

First benefit the customer will get from buying your product or service.

Medical Specialty & Spas

Second benefit. To find benefits, ask yourself: “What result will they obtain?”

Sports & Fitness

Third benefit. Take one of the features of your offer and add “this will allow you to…”


First benefit the customer will get from buying your product or service.


Second benefit. To find benefits, ask yourself: “What result will they obtain?”


Third benefit. Take one of the features of your offer and add “this will allow you to…”


First benefit the customer will get from buying your product or service.


Second benefit. To find benefits, ask yourself: “What result will they obtain?”


Third benefit. Take one of the features of your offer and add “this will allow you to…”

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My Strategy Calls are Totally FREE and are ZERO Pressure!




Any phase, and challenge, any goal. Schedule a Call and I will get you clear or unstuck.




"I was running in circles trying to deal with multiple consultants, get proposals, getting the run around. Finally, when David came in a we discussed our marketing needs. He took a day and then had an entire plan that consolidated all of our marketing. Got rid of tools we were not using, organized everyting and got us moving in one direction. That direction was up, growth. More Search, More Website Visitors, More Leads, More Bookings, Listings, Sales and more. He even helped us streamline our Agent Recruiting Process. What a Hidden Gem of a Find."

For those that Need something Simple:

If you are not ready or simply don't need "ALL IN" Services, I do offer single services.

The Most Common Single Services:

Website Design

"One Page" 5 Section Personal Branding Pages starting at $899 (Great for New Real Estate Agents) Pair that with a Google Business Profile

Local Search, Google Business Profiles, Hyper-Localization

Google Business Profiles setup and optimized starting at $499, Directory Submissions (NAM Citations), Posts, Images and more.

Email Marketing

Need ActiveCampaign Setup for Lead Capture and Email Marketing?

Basic Setup starts at $499

Social Media

Need Social Media Content Created? Weekly & Monthly Content Scheduling?

Plans starting at $299 a Month

More Happy Customers

Even Other Marketers!

I had been doing outsource, freelance  work for years. David asked me why I didn't have my own online presence?

He helped me get set up and now I am overbooked. I farm 50% of my work out to other artists now. I paid for the investment in 1 month of overbookings. 

Shara M.

Graphic Arts Co.

Writing code and writing copy are two totally different things. I am an expert at creating software, David is an expert at Marketing the Software.

Well he is an expert at Marketing Software too. "Using it" ... To help my company grow by over 500% in 2 years.

Prete J.

Marketing Software Developer

I had been helping David with Social Media for years. I had met him when he hired me as an intern.  Over time I was watching his lead gen & client growth.

I asked if he could do my website build and help me with the marketing. I am so grateful for his help & services. 

Jude N.

Social Media Agency

What Makes Me Different?

The difference with me is that I can help you with every aspect of your marketing.

I built my own online presence starting in 2010. I handled every aspect of my own marketing.

I am not going to Bullet List everything I can do. But it is "VIRTUALLY" Everything.

I am not saying you should always do "EVERYTHING", but for most small business owners, brokers, agents and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to launch, dealing with 5 or 10 different experts or agencies is just not an option.

I take care of the heavy lifting of developing marketing strategies, doing the builds and running the ongoing campaigns for numerous businesses.

For some companies, I go in "acting as a consultant", help them develop the plan, assist with talent or agency selection and then oversee the process of building and ongoing marketing.

Why do companies do that?

Honestly, because they often don't even know where to start. What questions to ask, what they need, what works, what doesn't. I act as your oversight.

The Fractional CMO.

what I really like doing most:

Getting in the trenches with my clients and doing the dirty work and making magic marketing happen for them.

It is super rewarding helping others grow their Business

So if you think you need to have a huge project, or a huge budget,

You are Mistaken!

Every Online Marketing Project starts with 1 Webpage, 1 Google Business Profile, 1 Social Profile.

Forget the Confusing Proposals and the Fancy Pricing Pages

I created the One Page Proposal  to make it Easy for my Clients

Easy & Affordable Starter Services

For You!
Google Business

Profile Setup & Optimization (Basic)


Powerful Hyper-Localization Search

Google has a lock on search. We all know this. This one tool is a powerful foundation

Basic" One Pager"

Personal Branding WordPress Website


Premium Theme, Basic Copy & Images *

Great Starting Point. Add pages as you need them. The rest is easy.

Email Marketing

Platform Setup, Integration & One Form


ActiveCampaign, MailerLite or Klaviyo.

Have another platform you prefer?

Check with me. I have used over 20+

What Are You Waiting For? 

There's absolutely NO Better Time, Place or Prices to LEVEL UP your Online Marketing!

Grab One of the Starter Offers Above or Schedule a Call to discuss your Project.

I had gotten so frustrated with my Website and Local Search that I think I just gave up and quit  trying. I heard David speak on an Online Marketing Webinar that was geared towards small local businesses and "Getting Found" and the "Near Me" thing and really Standing Out compared to your competitors.

The way he explained it was so straight forward and matter of fact. I actually "Got It" and understood how it looked online. I had seen the Google My Business profiles on the side of the google page and always saw my competitors showing up.

But I had no idea what to do to fix it. I messaged David and asked him if he could do the Local Lander and the Google Business Profile Optimization for me. He said he was pretty slammed, but if I could send him and email  he would send me some info.

He actually sent me a message on Facebook Messenger and he had the Local Lander and GMB Profile on a promotion for $1499.

If I had known I could do a Local Landing Page and a Google Business Profile for1500 Bucks and it would change my Local Search Results within a month, I would have  not even thought twice about paying that little. 

I probably lost hundreds of thousands of dollars of top line revenue over the last few years by procrastinating doing something about about my website and local search.

All I can say is "Thank You" David

Paul J. CA. | Custom car and Boat wraps & Graphics


Question 1.

Q1. Is it easier to start from scratch on my website?

Answer: Honestly it often is easier. Easier for me and less costly for you. I have a full hosting account, I can do the start, migrate any content and build it my way and to my specifications. Sometimes cleaning up someone else's mess is difficult. And if you were getting little to no results. Leave that up while I am building new and then we do the "Swap a Rooni" in the cloak of darkness and VOILA'

Question 2.

Q2. Do you offer ongoing support on the WordPress Websites?

Answer: YES, you get 60 days of FREE Support Included. After that if you want or need support you can my Flex Time and if there is an issue, I can take care of it and bill the flex time plan. Flex Time Plans start at 4 Hours. And they are good for 1 year.

Question 3.

Q3. Do you offer ongoing monthly service for other online marketing services?

Answer: YES, I do most of the marketing services in 90 day blocks.

It takes 90 days of managing the campaigns to really get the results that you are after.

Results are noticeable almost immediately. If not, I am fine tuning and optimizing the marketing. Some clients have time to manage the marketing after the first 90 days. Some want me to handle it. If the volume of business grows and needs more time and effort ... I have relationships with some of the best social media & content marketing agencies and paid advertising agencies in the southeast. Well the U.S. for that matter. I do a seamless pass-off after you confirming that you like everything you hear. And if you want me to spend some time keeping tabs. Flex Time is the way to go.

Learn More About my Flex Time Packages. Flex Time Plans start at 4 Hours. And they are good for 1 year.

Hyper-Local Domination

Why I am your best option!

See How Easily You Can

"Crush Your Competition"

Get Started the Easy & Affordable Way With one of my Great Easy to Get Started, Starter Services.

You get to see what I can do on the cheap, see if you like me and that I am a GOOD FIT for you!

Once I Nail It, We Move Forward and "Scale It", it's that Easy!