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The D.I.Y. Guide to Creating your Real Estate Agent Online Presence in 12 Steps

The D.I.Y. Guide to Creating your Real Estate Agent Online Presence in 12 Steps
DIY Guide to Creating your Real Estate Agent Online Presence

Digital Marketing for Realtors

Creating your Real Estate Agent Online Presence

D.I.Y. Fashion . . .

The Story:  How the MMT 10 Step Services Menu came to be . . .

It all started when I created the 10 Step Simplified Services Menu for Real Estate Agents. I had been doing one-off proposals, and even created my now "infamous" One Page Proposal for Local Businesses and Real Estate Agents.

Clients were still having challenges with interpreting complicated online marketing proposals. I wanted to productize my digital marketing services. Like ordering lunch off of the drive-thru menu at the fast food restaurant.

I had started a separate GMB business during COVID Lockdown where we could not do site visits and businesses were really struggling. They needed to be able to position themselves for the "Great Re-Opening". That was when I really started digging into Google My Business (now Google Business Profiles). 

Once I rolled out the 10 Step Services Menu, things exploded. I could not even keep up with the client demand. I had people emailing me and messaging me trying to work through the 10 Steps on their own.

Well, as a marketer, we are always trying to condense stuff into steps. Google likes it, the SEO Plugins like it ... When in fact it might be 11, 12, 15 actual steps.

Writing Headlines that Google Likes

So as I got busier, and my project manager was trying to document our internal processes to streamline our project production ... I started grabbing his workflows and turning them into "shareable content"

Turning Project Workflows into Lead Magnets

So that is how I arrived at this Blog Post. Now keep in mind, the 10 Step Services Menu and the 12 Steps to Getting Online don't match up exactly. But come one, I am not going to give you all of my secrets. Ok, no secrets. But the 12 Steps was created by actually working through a down and dirty "Spin Up' of an Online Presence for a friend that I was working with that is a Realtor. He wanted to try to do everything on his own, and friends or not, I did not have time to do Pro Bono Marketing Work. So this blog post was created as a result of doing a quick spin up / write up for him. 

So I figured I would pass it along for those of you that might not be quite ready to INVEST in yourself. Everybody has their reasons and budgets. 

Note: After you start, you might realize that it is way cheaper to have someone do it for you. But I don't want to water down those of you that are excited about tackling your Realtors Online Presence as a D.I.Y. Project.

MMT 10 Step Services Menu for Realtors Online Presnece

The 12 Step D.I.Y. Guide for Real Estate Agent Digital Marketing / Real Estate Agent Online Presence

MMT’s Rapid Online Presence Spin Ups:

The Rapid Online Presence Build Process for the D.I.Y. Real Estate Agent

NOTE: As I said earlier, this is not my exact process I use internally for clients. 

We have a very streamlined process, and I have a proprietary system that I use that makes light work of heavy lifting. But this will get the D.I.Y. Agent pointed in the right direction, as well as turning you on to a plethora of great tools and resources.

The D.I.Y. Guide to Creating your Real Estate Agent Online Presence in 12 Steps

So you want to get yourself online and begin building your brand. But you are quite ready to hire an agency or a consultant to handle the process for you. Maybe you're just not sure yet, or maybe it is a budget thing. Either way, you have to get Online, stop being invisible and get in the game! Period.

So without a ton of pre-fluff, let’s get right into it.

Step 1. Deciding on a Domain name / Domains & Hosting

Decide on a Domain Name. Your Online Presence name and your Business / Brand name can match, but that can also come later. If you have not decided on a Brand Name, just use your name and your area / city name. You can add “realtor” or “real estate” if you want. It will not affect SEO.

So here would be an example:

Note: You can have multiple domains. They can all point to 1 main website, or you can use niche or focus domain names to target specific markets. (More on this later)

Step 2. Create an All-Things-Google (ATG) Account I suggest keeping the name simple i.e. Use a Password that would be shareable with your developer. So I suggest not using the same password that you use for your bank account or 401K. 🙂

You will use your “ATG” for the Following:

  • Gmail for setting up Marketing Subscriptions, Hosting, Domains etc,  forward primary email address
  • Google Webmaster Tools (Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console etc)
  • Google Ads Account
  • Google Ads Keyword Planner
  • Google Marketing Platform 
  • YouTube Channel
  • Google Workspace & Corp. Domain (vs. a personal email address) Starts @ $6 p/m Info & Pricing

There are more uses for your “ATG”, a Great FREE Resource. Use it to your advantage.

Step 3. Use your “ATG” to SET UP your Google Business Profile

Stand out on Google with a Free Business Profile

  • Before proceeding to Step 4 & 5 decide if you are ready to be the D.I.Y. Web Guy (or Gal)

If not Check Out AgentFire here: [ Learn More About AgentFire ]


I offer discounted build services on your AgentFire Website. I am a partner with AgentFire, so if you are interested, let me know before starting a trial or requesting a demo. I can get you some extra goodies from my partner manager.

Moving Along…

Step 4. Domains & Hosting

Get your Domain and set up and add cheap WordPress Hosting.

Best Place for that? Right Here: >

1&1 Ionos for $1 Domains & .50 Cents per month WordPress Hosting for 1st year.

“Click Here for the Deal”

1and1 Ionos Domains and Hosting

Once you have the Domain or Domains on the Cheap ($1 each for up to 2 Domains) and the .50 Cent WP Hosting, you need to make sure to check your email to confirm your Domains and login to your Ionos Account.

  • If you want me to assist at some point you can grant access to me @ the 1&1 Ionos Partner Network. It is super simple and you can modify the access or revoke it at any time. Save or use this link when you are ready.

Step 5. BoldGrid

Next, I would set up a FREE Bold Grid Account to create a simple templated real estate agent site.

BoldGrid is a company that provides a suite of WordPress plugins, themes, & services designed to work together to give you the ability to create and manage a great looking WordPress website with minimal time and effort.

Tip: Email Me to Request the WordPress Website Setup Snap (Spin-Up / Blueprint / Template)

I can share my BOLD GRID Snaps and I can also send you the BASE WordPress Backup to Import via the All-In-One WP Migration Plugin. You will need to have a base WordPress Website setup and add the All-In-One WP Migration Plugin 1st.

Alternate Method: Simply create a site on Bold Grid and ADD the All-In-One WP Migration Plugin and then HIT Import and select the backup file I sent you. Note: You can also subscribe to DOWNLOAD on this page:

Step 6. Spin-Up a Site on Boldgrid or  use your IONOS WP Hosting 

(Spin-Up / Blueprint / Template)

For those “less” tech inclined, it may add a step but it might be easier to use BoldGrid to START and then migrate the site to 1&1 Ionos. Your Choice

Step 7. Use RankMath for On-Page SEO

RankMath is an alternative to Yoast SEO. Both are great tools. I just feel like RankMath “Pro” is a NOTCH above. But again, your choice.

Step 8. CRM Setup (a Great FREE Choice is HubSpot)

For the Agent that is Super Serious about their Online Presence and using a CRM to maximize prospecting and lead nurturing … Follow Up Boss or Top Producer might be better choices.

Before you choose a CRM, if you decide to go with Follow Up Boss, let me know and I can do an introduction for you to Mike M. at Follow Up Boss. He will take great care of you. I am not a partner, but he does take care of a number of my clients and he does a great job.

Step 9. Email Marketing for Realtors (2 Great FREE Choices)

Another Good Option:

I use all of the above in various sites that I have. My main automation platform is ActiveCampaign.

I may be moving off of this platform due to NEW Features in a couple of the above platforms.

  • For those trying to keep costs low on the front end (from a monthly subscription perspective), try MailChimp for Email Marketing and then layer in HubSpot CRM (FREE Forever) to make it a more complete Marketing Automation Platform on the Cheap.

Step 10. Social Media - Mailchimp and Constant Contact have a few neat Social Scheduling tools.

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents is an integral part of your online strategy.

If you are looking for a more fully featured platform that is still affordable, checkout | Flat Out Amazing! Keep in mind that MailChimp & Constant Contact have some Social Media Sharing and Scheduling and or

Step 11. Content Creation - Setup a FREE Canva Account or I use Snappa, Great Easy to use Tool. or checkout

Step 12. QR Code Generator - For Business Cards & Cell Phone Business Card with QR Code for quick sharing. Add to Social as well.

There is more to it than this. To get a few more clues visit:

10 Step Services Menu Video

Thinking you might need help with your Online Presence?

Help is Good

Recommended Resources

Resources: For Digital Marketing for Realtors

MMT’s Favorite Marketing Tools

1&1 Ionos:

Find me on the 1&1 Ionos Partner Network:

Setup a FREE BoldGrid Account:

WordPress Themes:

Note: Themes should light, fast and SEO Friendly

Themes I like: * I use Thrive Themes Suite

WP Landing Kit:

Cloud Hosting: 

Note: I use this only for Spinning Up Rapid Local Landers for short campaigns or testing

There you have it! You should be well on your way to developing your own "Real Estate Agent Online Presence"

About the author mmtmediafl

MMTMediaFL is David Jamison | Owner & Founder since 2010 | Digital Marketing Consultant

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