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10 Easy Ways ChatGPT can Help Real Estate Agents Grow their Business

mmtmediafl // February 3 , 2022
OpenAI ChatGPT

ChatGPT by OpenAI is changing Digital Marketing

ChatGPT, the AI-powered chatbot – was created to simulate human conversation. It was made available to the public on November 30 via OpenAI's Website and quickly gained popularity as a novelty.

From Students looking for help with Homework to SEO experts leveraging it for writing SEO optimized content and everything in between.

Artificial Intelligence has been gain significant traction over the last 5 years and it is nothing new in the Digital Marketing space. I have long used to assist in creating SEO focused articles for my website and client's websites. But ChatGPT has been much different. It literally took the market by storm and has quickly garnered the attention of companies like Microsoft and even Google has taken notice with concerns over ChatGPT displacing Search Volume on Google Search. The article published by the Communications of the ACM, even stated that Google has issued a "Code Red" in response to the release of OpenAI's ChatGPT.

I quickly took notice since I had already been using A.I. Powered Content Creation Tools for some time. But what intrigued me the most was how rapidly online marketing experts began to leverage OpenAI's ChatGPT for SEO, Posts, powering ChatBots and more.

Working with Real Estate Agent and helping them build Hyperlocal Marketing Machines, I immediately saw the power of ChatGPT and how I could use it to streamline everything from Google Business Profile Posts to helping Realtors write Listing Descriptions, creating "How To" articles that could be of value to their audience and prospects and more. The list of ideas I had for it's use was literally endless.

So you are here to learn so let's move past the how we got here (in less than 3 months) to 10 Easy Ways ChatGPT can Help Real Estate Agents Grow their Business. Content Marketing is a BIG Part of what I use to help Real Estate Agents develop Authority in their Hyperlocal Markets.

These hyperlocal markets are commonly referred to as "Farm Areas". I began using ChatGPT to assist me in build out Hyperlocal Landing Pages for Realtor's select Farm Areas.

I had recently launched a New Marketing Program called "Farm Area Flywheel" and it was driven by ONE incredibly detailed and optimized area landing page that showcases my Real Estate Agent Clients as the Hyperlocal Authority or Expert for their chosen Farm Area. Since these landing pages are much more than just Realtor Showcases, it was advantageous to use something like OpenAI to find and create content for these area pages that were more than just "Exclusive Listings" that the agent wanted to promote.

These Hyperlocal Landing pages would essentially become "The GO TO" area page for a specific neighborhood. Much the same as a Builder or Developer might want to create before the neighborhood even is built.

So let's dive right into... 

The 10 ways that ChatGPT is helping Real Estate Agents create content with the power of artificial intelligence.

The Problem:


After I complete an Online Presence Build for an Agent and do the Project Pass-Off, the biggest challenge Realtors face is creating ongoing content to power their Local Search Marketing efforts.

The Solution:

Artificial Intelligence Powered Tools, including ChatGPT:

I use many tools that are already taking advantage of A.I., but ChatGPT has quickly become a "GOTO" tool in my marketing tool box.

ChatGPT is a logical (and FREE) tool that Agents looking to create content to "Feed their Machine" to gain Local Ranking Authority can quickly put into use with little or no training required.

OpenAI ChatGPT

10 Easy Uses of ChatGPT for Realtors

ChatGPT is like having a Marketing Assistant that works 24/7/365. Always their to assist and make tedious tasks so much easier. 

Put these tips to use in your Content Marketing Strategy today. Begin gaining Local Authority Traction and Local Search Ranking with ChatGPT. Work Smarter, not Harder.

  1. 1
    Writing Emails and Texts to send to Prospects
  2. 2
    Writing Creative Property Descriptions for Listings
  3. 3
    Writing Phone Scripts for Follow Up or Cold Calling
  4. 4
    Writing SEO Focused Blog Posts List Element
  5. 5
    Writing Google Business Profile Posts
  6. 6
    Writing Content for Hyperlocal Landing Pages
  7. 7
    Writing "How To" Articles for Social Media Posts
  8. 8
    Writing Headlines and Descriptions for YouTube
  9. 9
    Identifying Local Competitors and their Content
  10. 10
    Writing Ad Copy for Google Local Service Ads

Honestly, I could have created a LIST of 100 uses for ChatGPT, but I think the 10 will get you started. After you master those 10, your own creativity will kick-in and figure out more uses. Enjoy!

Below I will do a little more of a Deep Dive into a Few of the uses that I am taking advantage of daily...

Lets DIG IN...

My Favorite uses for ChatGPT

Number #1

Writing valuable Google Business Profile Posts. I normally will take an excerpt from one of my Blog Posts and ask ChatGPT to expand upon the Topic. Asking it to rewrite a short version or overview of the post.

I will find all of the Hot Topic Searches in a given area that my clients work and then ask ChatGPT to write short "How To" articles that become great Local Search Friendly Posts that I use for GBP. (Google Business Profile or Google My Business Profile)

Number #2

Rewriting BAD Property Descriptions for current listings that need a little extra oomph!

Sadly, most of my clients are NOT great copywriters. Not uncommon. Just look at or and you will see.

Number #3

Rewriting High Performing Ad Swipes after doing research on your competitors. (Use OpenAI for Competitor Research)

I learned a very OLD SCHOOL (but Proven) Ad Format in the 90's that I still use today. It is called A.I.D.A. (Learn More Here)

I will take an Ad that I like and ASK ChatGPT to rewrite the AD using the A.I.D.A. format. And Voila' it pumps out a NEW (not plagiarized) version of the AD. Simply too easy.

Note: AIDA stands for ATTENTION, INTEREST, DESIRE, ACTION. I use more updated versions of A.I.D.A. But the premise still works today. I do like the 5P Method a bit better... But I have not had any success with OpenAI and the 5P, but it sure knows A.I.D.A.

As I said earlier in the post, there are endless uses for A.I. in Real Estate Marketing. Just let your own needs, weaknesses and creativity inspire more and more uses.

Let me be clear on the use of ChatGPT, it is NOT a replacement for quality marketing and it does have it's misgivings. 

One Tip I give Realtors is this:

Be super clear with your ChatGPT prompts. Below you will find an Article from (in the resources at the bottom) that discusses how to provide proper prompts using these queues:


Want to get Started with your Own ChatGPT Research?

Try an Easy Search like this:

Keep Digging and Keep Learning!

Best of Luck to You...

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