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3 Easy “Must Do” Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents in 2023

mmtmediafl // January 2 , 2022

The 3 "Must Do" Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents in 2023.

Real Tips for Realtors by MMT Media FL

Realtor Marketing Ideas

Who is this for?

This article and the 3 Tips are applicable to virtually all Real Estate Agents, Teams and Brokers.

However, the focus is Agents that started between 2010 and 2022. Why Those Dates? 

  • Optimize your Google Business Profile
  • Leverage Hyperlocal Landing Pages
  • Use the "Farm Area Flywheel" Strategy


Realtor Marketing Ideas for the New Year, 2023.

This article is super simple, too the point and can be implemented by virtually ALL Real Estate Agents even with minimal Web or Online Presence infrastructure. It is easy (4 on a Technical Scale of 1-10 ).

The concept really should be implemented (if you haven't already) by all realtors, teams and brokers. It is, however, aimed at teaching individual real estate agents to be able to accomplish the task as a D.I.Y. Project. I will provide an overview and then do a bit of a compact "Deep Dive" on each of the "MUST DO" Elements.


  • Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) Optimization
  • Hyperlocal Landing Page layout and key content points.
  • Introducing the "Farm Area Flywheel" Content Strategy.
3 Must Do Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents 2023

Who is this for?:

If you are a Real Estate Agent that started their career in 2010 or after, this is probably the first significant downturn in the market you have seen. I started in 2006 and founded MMT formally in 2010 about the time the market was beginning to recover and within about 18 months it was full "Game On" pretty much since then.

And I want to clarify something. The title of this article is pretty straightforward, however, I really don't consider these 3 things "Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents". They are truly "MUST HAVES" in your Online Presence if you really want to compete on  a hyperlocal level.

I have worked with hundreds of clients since that time, but one thing I have noted since about 2014, was the number of agents that get started and because the market was a true "Gravy Train", many did not setup the proper Online Presence or Marketing Systems to properly develop a true prospect pipeline that could feed them 9-12 months out.

Everything was focused on "Who Is Ready" to Buy or Sell "RIGHT NOW"!

So how do you do a Quick Reset and setup a decent "Get Found", "Dominate My Area" and "Capture Quality Leads" in short order, so that you can continue to enjoy a good living do what you love?

It is easier than you think. And it can be done on a relatively small budget and the beauty of it, is that it can be part of a bigger fix for the long term. The 3 Key things pointed out here are 3 of my 9 Step Marketing Program for Agents anyway.

So before I get into the 3 Topics and online elements, I want to talk about the last part first. Why?

Well, it is kind of the "Begin with an End in Mind" Concept from Franklin Covey.

The Goal is to Get Found, being the Local Authority for ONE Neighborhood. Your Focus Farm Area.

And when I cover the Farm Area Flywheel it is driven by your Google Business Profile (with a heavy focus on this area), and your Hyperlocal Landing Page is designed to establish you as the dominate "Local Authority" on Area "X". You fill in the blank there.

And when I am talking about focusing on ONE area, I am talking Neighborhoods, NOT Zip Codes.

And as a RULE, it should be where you LIVE, or pretty darn close. And do not worry about WHO is dominate in that neighborhood now. It should really be matched to your target property types, your desired clientele and then lastly, be as close as possible to home base. Home or Office to limit wasted travel time, gas and overall precious work time that you cannot make more of. Because in the 2023 Market, you are going to have a Whole New List of Daily Disciplines that you were not doing previously or that it was so busy that you could skimp on it and still make a great living.

Well, thanks to numerous factors that has changed. But it is actually a good thing. Why is it a Good Thing?

Because the market is going to demand that you Set Up a Proper Online Presence in 2023!

Agent's Challenges

1) No or Poorly Optimized Google Business Profiles, 2) No Hyperlocal Area Pages, 3) No Easy Content Strategy

1) Many Agents have a poorly setup and optimized Google Business Profile, and honestly, it amazes me how many do NOT have one at all. Which I have never understood, as it is FREE.

But then it falls into the category of "You Don't Know, What you Don't Know".

I hate that saying, but it could not be more true than in the Real Estate marketing space.

You are a Realtor, not a Digital Marketer. I have this discussion on a very regular basis with many clients and prospective clients.

And then even if you have a Google Business Profile, is it really set up perfectly.

Just do a search like "Homes for Sale, Real Estate Agents "City"  "Area-X"

If you are on Page One, Congratulations! The rule of thumb here, is that the more you Drill Down your Search based on your Focus Areas, the higher you should begin to rank. And the beauty of this concept is that Zillow and do not and cannot market at such Hyperlocal Levels. They are paying for Keyword Searches in mass and it would be cost prohibitive for even the largest organizations


So your market really ends up being under the radar of the large SEARCH competitors.

2) Plenty of Realtors and Brokers don't really understand the concept of a "Hyperlocal Landing Page" and most agents focus on a very large area vs. really dialing it down to ONE Focus Farm Area.

I do Online Marketing Trainings for a number of Agent Groups and Brokers and the Topic of "Hyperlocal" is misunderstood and trainings for new or newer agents rarely emphasizes focusing on ONE neighborhood to start and then do a "Rinse and Repeat" process once you have a 8% to 15% market dominance in the neighborhood. And on this point, I am not talking about communities. If you are over 2-5K homes it is very difficult to truly dominate without a more high tech approach. Not saying it cannot be done, but do the math. If you have a Neighborhood with say 3000 Homes... owning that neighborhood (say 8-10%) is still 300 homes. Way over the normal TRANSACTION numbers of most agents. (12 from NAR).

But let's talk about average numbers. Average numbers are a GIANT misnomer, as over 50% of Active Agents are not really "active". So let's say the real average of a successful agent is 20-25. These numbers are not as important as the focus on YOUR Farm Area.

When it comes to a Farm Area, you can most definitely have more than 1 farm area. But the point I am making is that your marketing should be focused on helping you become the "Local Authority" in One Farm Area. Then move to the next one.

Maybe when you are doing 10 or 12 closings from ONE neighborhood, you launch Hyperlocal Focus on neighborhood TWO and so on. There is NOT absolutes here, as all Agent Marketing should have a level of gut or feel to it. And it should be based on your own personal goals. My guidelines are just that... Guidelines.

3) And lastly, the Content Strategy is always the weakest of these 3, if it exists at all. The content strategy that I promote and have developed as a much tighter digital marketing concept revolves around Listings, One Neighborhood, Area and Neighborhood Search Links and Content much like you might find in a City's Chamber of Commerce Page or maybe a Builder's Sales Page. 

I like to take advantage of how Google Maps and Google Business Profiles actually work and use them knowing that they are the foundation of Local Search or "Near Me" search. The "Farm Area Flywheel" is powered by a great hyperlocal optimized landing page that features "Your Listings", your Broker's Listings in that area, maybe a relationship you have with another agent or broker featuring their listings in that neighborhood, search links for schools, shopping, transportation, medical care, parks, dining, entertainment and more. The Goal is to become pretty much the "One Stop Search Shop" when it comes to YOUR AREA!  

example image below: Courtesy of

hyperlocal featured area search pages

So the sheer fact that these Hyperlocal Area Pages are not being leveraged means that you can quickly hopscotch a more seasoned successful agent that is established in these areas. I am not going to "blow smoke" and tell you that you are going to overtake all other competitors, but the beauty of the web is that there are NO SECRETS.

Contrary to popular belief and marketing headlines. There are ZERO Secrets. Pick your Competitor that currently dominates a neighborhood and begin doing a strategic dissection of what makes them show up on page one of Google Search for specific area searches. It becomes a process of reverse engineering. Once you set your sights on being dominate in that area, it is much easier to track up behind the strong competitors in that neighborhood. So maybe your goal is to be number 2 or 3. Still not bad.

Worst case, show up on page one for the specific search criteria.

Your Solution to become the Hyperlocal Expert or Local Authority for your Farm Area:

So I detailed the problems above in pretty good detail. But there is obviously much more than just stating a problem.

You have to know how to build or optimize each of the 3 Online Marketing Elements. And to be quite frank, you can often do more harm than good if you are not building and optimizing properly. The last thing you want to do is get on Google's Blacklist.

Is there really a Black List. No, but your Profile can get locked, you can get dinged or get negative SEO points in google's algorithm for duplicate content dings, keyword stuffing, lack of alt text in images, locked profiles, spammy posts and more. The list is honestly endless. It is NOT easy. The other thing is getting taken in by false or erroneous marketing by other service providers in this space.

One of the things I see very often is an over-promotion on Google Reviews on profiles. Yes, Reviews are VERY important, but are they more important than quality posts or quality images that are optimized with solid metadata?

The answer in my experience is POSTS, specifically LISTING Posts are far more powerful for driving local search ranking factors for your Google Business Profile. There is such a huge differential on these 2 valuable factors that I actually did a CASE STUDY of 2 strongly ranked Brokers in Central Florida comparing Reviews versus Listing Posts (with Images with EXIF data) and properly utilized hashtags. The results are honestly astonishing. (Email me for the CASE STUDY Results @

The Solutions for building these 3 Key Online Elements can be found at:

These 3 "Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents" really equals 3 Online Marketing Elements every Agent MUST Have!

  • Optimize your Google Business Profile
  • Leverage Hyperlocal Landing Pages
  • Use the "Farm Area Flywheel" Strategy

If you would like help with these 3 simple elements, simply BOOK A CALL with me and we can discuss doing a pared down version of my 9 Step Marketing Program. In the next few days I am launching a campaign for Agents that want to get started with the 9 Step, but might be trying to limit expenses after the holidays or maybe recent transactions or closings are light. I get it.

Market changes affect us all. I am always trying to offer competitive service packages that allow even BRAND NEW agents to have a total Rockstar online presence.

Take a Look at a couple of NEW Agent's online presence...

New Real Estate Agent Online Presence

example images below: Courtesy of and

Click on the links to visit their websites and click through their social media links and search their Google Business Profiles.

Brand New Agents that are ready to make a splash and compete for their fair share of the real estate market.

Websites built using AgentFire. Learn more about AgentFire here.

See this Post on my Google Business Profile:

Read My Comprehensive Blog Post that covers...

The 9 Most Powerful Online Presence Elements that Real Estate Agents Must Have!

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