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7 Easy Steps for Agents to Launch a Farm Area Flywheel Landing Page in 2023

mmtmediafl // March 2 , 2022
Farm Area Flywheel Landing Pages

Let's talk about your

Farm Area Flywheel Landing Page...

Even though I feel that Farm Area Landing Pages are a KEY ELEMENT in every agents tool kit, they have become FAR MORE critical since the market has slowed a bit.

Since my focus is on Hyperlocal Marketing, there are a few terms you need to be comfortable with before you dive in.

  • Hyperlocal Marketing
  • Farm Area
  • Flywheel Marketing
  • Landing Page
  • "Farm Area" Flywheel Landing Page (pulling it all together here)

List of Topics in Article:

Step 1: Define your Farm Area

Step 2: Research your Farm Area

Step 3: Define your Target Audience

Step 4: Develop your Landing Page

Step 5: Create Content for your Farm Area Landing Page

Step 6: Promote your Landing Page and Content

Step 7: Monitor and Refine your "Flywheel Strategy"

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Ok, let's get into the MEAT of the Blog Post:

Farm Area Flywheel Strategy

For Real Estate Agents

Landing Page Build and Content Marketing Strategy

To Grow Local Authority and Ranking for Realtors

A couple of quick points before jumping into the Landing Page Layout, Content and Content Strategy. I refer to the landing pages as: Farm Area Flywheel Landing Pages.

The Landing Page is focused on your “Farm Areas”. Over time you will have 3 to 5 Farm Areas. It is critical to start with ONE and do it RIGHT. Gain traction in organic search and begin to see real results from your efforts. Become that “Local Authority in 1 Area” before moving on to the 2nd one.

I refer to this as “Rinse and Repeat” , of course. The reference to FLYWHEEL is more focused on the Marketing Method than the page itself. I will let you do your own research on Flywheel Marketing

Step 1: Define Your Farm Area

Identify the specific geographic area where you want to focus your real estate marketing efforts. This could be a neighborhood, subdivision, or any other defined region. Make sure to select an area that you are familiar with and have expertise in.

Step 2: Research Your Farm Area

Conduct research on your chosen farm area to gather data such as population demographics, housing market trends, schools, parks, and local businesses. This information will help you understand the needs and interests of your target audience.

Step 3: Define Your Target Audience

Based on your research, define your target audience. This could be first-time homebuyers, families with children, retirees, or any other group that is prevalent in your farm area.

Step 4: Develop Your Landing Page

Create a landing page that is specific to your farm area. This page should include information about the area, the housing market, local amenities, and any other relevant details. Make sure to optimize the page for search engines and include a lead capture form to collect contact information from visitors. Want it Done for You? Click Here

Step 5: Create Content for Your Landing Page

Develop content that will appeal to your target audience. This could include blog posts, videos, infographics, or any other type of content that provides value and showcases your expertise in the area. Make sure the content is optimized for SEO and provides useful information for potential clients.

Content Types & Strategy for your Farm Area Landing Page:

Here is a content strategy for a Farm Area Landing Page for Real Estate Agents:

First and foremost, your Google Business Profile should also be optimized for your Primary “Farm Area”. The Links from your “Farm Area” Flywheel Landing Page should be your “Priority” Links in your Google Business Profile. If you use your Website Address as the primary, make sure that your “Farm Area” Flywheel Landing Page is showcased on your Website via a Header Banner or a Pop-Up CTA when a visitor arrives at your site.

Remember, the 1st thing a website visitor sees should be “WHAT THEY WERE SEARCHING FOR” on Google. If not this creates confusion and a disconnect and the likelihood of a Site Visitor Bounce is very high. Do not forget to have your Facebook Tracking Pixel installed and enabled on the farm area page (and all pages). As well as Google Remarketing scripts so that you can retarget visitors.

I also strongly recommend that Realtors with “Farm Area” Landing Pages use “Google Local Service Ads” for search relating to that page. These are the 3 Ads you see at the very top of the page, even above regular Google Ads. You will need to be “Verified” by Google (a good thing and easy as your Real Estate License in Good Standing is all that is required.

Also know this. Even if you have a relatively small ad budget allocated for Google Local Service Ads (driving traffic to your Google Business Profile)... If you exhaust the budget early in the billing cycle, there is a ton of “unofficial evidence” that suggests you get preferred placement in search even after your ad budget has been exhausted. Why? Google wants you to keep running your ads. ($$$). So the best way they can ensure that you keep running ads is by helping you get good results and making money.

Give it a try. Plus those ads are ALMOST like cheating the pace of “Organic Local Search”. Real Estate Leads and Sales are very different from other industries. Why? Commissions are significantly higher than, say, selling jewelry, cosmetics, fitness / gym fees etc. So one sale of an average home (example: $350,000) at even 5% with splits {350,000 x .05% = 17,500 / 2 = 8,750 (less a few other fees). Let’s say it is $7,000?

That pays for a lot of Online Presence assets and ads. Google Local Service Ads are almost a must.

But that is another training for later!

On to the “Farm Area” #1 Content Strategies:
  • Introduction to your “FARM AREA” #1
  • Introduce your farm area to your potential clients. Give a brief history of the area, highlight its unique features, and describe the benefits of living in the area.
  • Housing Market Trends:
  • Provide an overview of the current housing market trends in the area. Use data from reliable sources to support your claims, including median home prices, average days on the market, and inventory levels.
  • Featured Listings:
  • Include featured listings of homes for sale in the area. These could be your own listings or those of other agents in your brokerage. Highlight the key features of each property and provide a link to view more details.
  • Local Amenities:
  • Highlight the local amenities in the area, including schools, parks, restaurants, and shopping centers. Provide details on the quality of these amenities, as well as any upcoming developments or improvements.
  • Neighborhood Resources:
  • This section should be loaded with resident’s resources. This section can be a BIG Boost for Search Engine Optimization and Local Search Rankings for you.
  • Examples:  Website Links, Phone Numbers & Emails for: HOA &  Community Center, Utilities, Homeowner Services (Pool Services, Lawn Care, Pressure Washing, Handyman Services, Roofing, Painting, Renovation Contractors (Kitchen / Bath etc), and more.
  • On these Shared Resources (or Preferred Providers) make sure that you reach out to each one and let them know that you are referencing them and essentially promoting them for free. This should be a reciprocal relationship. Get those referenced here: your Business Cards, Contact Info, Website Links, Social etc. Some also add Google Adsense Sections, but be careful with this. It can be a source of revenue for your business, but it can also create confusion, annoyances and clutter on the page.
  • You would like to ask those that are referenced or promoted to drop your links in on their web pages as well for a healthy link exchange. Backlinks build online authority.
  • Any other useful LOCAL Links that you might find useful or helpful to those that live in the community.
  • Think of your “Farm Area” Landing Page as a Builder’s Sales Page of sorts. Regardless of the age of the community.
  • Community Events:
  • Highlight upcoming community events in the area, such as festivals, concerts, and holiday celebrations. This will give potential clients a sense of the community and the events they can look forward to attending.
  • Real Estate Tips and Advice:
  • Provide helpful tips and advice for potential homebuyers in the area. This could include information on the home buying process, tips for financing a home, or advice on negotiating a deal.
  • Testimonials and Reviews:
  • Include testimonials from satisfied clients who have worked with you in the area. Highlight their positive experiences and the results you achieved for them. You can also include reviews from third-party websites such as Zillow or Yelp.
  • Contact Information:
  • Make it easy for potential clients to get in touch with you by including your contact information prominently on the landing page. This could include your phone number, email address, and links to your social media profiles. You may also want to include a lead capture form to collect contact information from visitors.

Step 6: Promote Your Landing Page and Content

Once your landing page and content are created, promote them through social media, email marketing, and other channels. Use targeted advertising to reach your specific audience and drive traffic to your landing page. I am a huge fan of Promoting Property Listing Pages (AgentFire Property Listing Pages) as they have ALL of the tools you need to engage a prospect. Tracking Pixels for retargeting, Open House Call-To-Actions, Showing Schedulers and more.

Your “Farm Area” Flywheel Page, your Property Listing Pages, your Google Business Profile

Step 7: Monitor and Refine Your Strategy

Track your results and adjust your strategy as needed. Pay attention to metrics such as website traffic, lead conversion rates, and engagement on social media to gauge the effectiveness of your efforts. Continuously refine your strategy to ensure you are reaching your target audience and generating leads for your business.

Your own creativity and “Expertise” of the Local Area and Farm Neighborhood can be added to the Farm Area Flywheel Strategy. More is better up to the point that it is useful and relevant to Real Estate Prospects Searches as well as homeowners within the designated “Farm Area” Neighborhood.

Best of Luck with your Efforts!

David Jamison (MMT), 813-842-0810,

If you need help building the “Farm Area” Landing visit my page at:

Or Schedule a Call with me at:

References and Resources:

Flywheel Marketing:  

  • Hubspot has been credited with the creation of the Flywheel

Need More? Simply Google, Flywheel Marketing for Real Estate Agents.

Why Flywheel Marketing vs. other Methods?

I feel strongly that the Flywheel Marketing method is superior to other methods, specifically for the Real Estate Agent Lead space.


Again, my opinion, but I started my Digital Marketing Career as a Sales Funnel Developer / Consultant and I am intimately familiar with Funnel Marketing.

Real Estate is different. It is a longer sales cycle, bigger ticket and a significant life event.

There is no one that downloads a Lead Magnet and ends up in a Sales Funnel and buys a home that was not in the market to do so before “stumbling upon” the “FUNNEL”.

Funnel Marketing is more focused on Top of the Funnel Prospects, Middle of the Funnel and Bottom of the Funnel. (Getting ready to close). Some of the facets of funnel marketing can be incorporated into an agents web marketing process, but the REAL Focus should be on Flywheel Marketing. 

Flywheel Marketing is more of a “GIVE TO GET” Method of Marketing. Meaning that you become that LOCAL Authority, LOCAL Expert and your Web Assets are setup as Resource.

The intent is that over time, you establish yourself as that “GO TO” Agent in “X” Area.

“X” Area is YOUR Farm Area! I developed a Marketing Method years back called the Magnetic Audience Growth Method, and it was really a FLYWHEEL Method, long before Hubspot and Amazon coined the phrase “Flywheel Marketing”.

You basically want to use your “Farm Area” Landing Page and FLYWHEEL Marketing Assets to show up in virtually every type of search relating to your Farm Area whether someone is searching as a “Real Estate” Prospect (Potential Buyer or Seller) or not. Someone could be searching for… well, you fill in the blanks. It could be anything.

That is who you want to become!

The “Ubiquitous”  Local Authority for Neighborhood “X”!

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About the Author mmtmediafl

MMTMediaFL is David Jamison | Owner & Founder since 2010 | Digital Marketing Consultant

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