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No More Confusion about Getting Online and Getting Found!
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Getting Online for Realtors can be confusing ...

I wanted to Make it Easy for my Clients

I had always heard ... "If You Confuse Them, You Lose Them!"

So I created 10 Services and 3 things to be clear on:

Services You Need
A Brief Explainer
Simplified Pricing
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Real Estate Agent Digital Marketing Services Menu

The Easy To Understand "Services Menu" for Real Estate Agents:

The Services Menu is designed so that you can implement them in the order shown

(This page is Mobile Optimized, however the Services Menu is best viewed on a larger screen)

* All of these Services have been Discounted by 25% for my Broker Group Clients *

Note: that some items require monthly paid subscriptions that are separate from MMT Project / Build Fees

MMT Real Estate Agent 10 Step Simplified Services Menu (2022)

Step #

Online Presence Element


Info. Links

Pricing / Options

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Google Business Profile Setup - Step 1

Google Business Profile, Setup & Optimization

Get On the "Google Map" Step #1 "Must Have"


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Real Estate Agent Services - Step 2

GBP Enhanced Optimization

(Free with Local Lander)

Local Authority Landing Page 4

(1 Pager Maxed Out)

Includes Enhanced Setup + 8-10 Hours of Custom Work

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Real Estate Agent Services - Step 3

AgentFire Spark Website

 (AgentFire RE Spark Sites - See Subscription Fees Below)

for more details visit the "Additional Information Link" >

Pricing Options:

2 Levels + Individual Custom Page Options


Real Estate Agent Services - Step 4

CRM Integration

New Setup or Existing Connect &

Clean Up LionDesk, Follow-Up Boss or Top Producer

+ Monthly SUBSCRIPTION Required +


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Real Estate Agent Services - Step 7

Social Media Setup / Content Scheduling


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Real Estate Agent Services - Step 6

Blog Planner / SEO Blog Writing Services"

All Posts can be Repurposed


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Real Estate Agent Services - Step 5

On-Page SEO , Facebook Tracking Pixel Setup, Pop Up  CTA Lead Capture, Calendly Scheduling Setup & Int. Google Analytics + "All Things Google Service".


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Real Estate Agent Services - Step 8

Email Marketing, SMS (Text), Chat (i.e. Facebook Messenger) * Some of these engagement / nurturing features may be available in your CRM / CRM App

+ FollowUpBoss has Automations +


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Real Estate Agent Services - Step 9

Google Ads Campaign Setup & Mgmt., Facebook Video View Ads Retargeting Campaign > Create Custom Audiences based on Views & View Times / 4X ROAS with these RT VV Campaigns. Don't LOSE Bounced Traffic!


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Real Estate Agent Services - Step 10

Flex-Time Blocks / 4, 8, 16, 40 Hours & Flex10

Project Management, Custom Dev, Setup, Support, Training

All Clients will have Flex10 as part of their Project **


Select Pricing Options

** (What is Flex10?) Flex10 is simply a Flex-Time Block that is added to every clients Package for research, complete support., training and keeping their project on-track.

 If your Project is $1000, Flex10 is 10% of that ($100), $2000 ($200) etc. It also covers the the unexpected. Which I expect :) When your project is done, you can add Flex-Time as needed.

* If you would like ALL of your Services Selections combined into "ONE Checkout CART" please let me know *

+++ ALL Elements above with a BLUE Button require a Monthly Subscription Product; i.e. AgentFire, FollowupBoss, ActiveCampaign etc. +++

Domains, alternative hosting etc. are also Paid Items that are NOT included in Project / Build / Consulting Fees


Choose 1 at a Time or Choose ALL and SAVE a $100

Google All Things
Facebook Pixel Setup +Events +CA
POP UP CTA Service
Calendly Setup
On-Page SEO Services

Google Analytics + "All Things Google Service", Facebook Tracking Pixel Setup, Pop Up  CTA Lead Capture, Calendly Scheduling Setup & Int., On-Page SEO Services

(Save $100) Get ALL Services

Your a Real Estate Agent ...

You Gotta Be Online, You Gotta Get Found!


That you'll Actually love to use!

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Their core suite of 10 marketing tools allow you to create high value Neighborhood Guides™ for the areas in your market, launch mega-value CTA’s & Lead Pages, supercharge your blogging & social proof, and so much more!


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