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Google Business Profile Posts vs Facebook Posts for Real Estate Listings

Using Real Estate Listings as Great Google My Business Post Content

The Story

Google Business Profile Posts vs. Facebook Posts

Google Business Profiles were formerly :

Google My Business Profiles

So you are in charge of Social Media at your Real Estate Agency. Or maybe you handle ALL your own Social Media Postings for your Listings and other Social Media Content.

It is an important job. Your tasked with FEEDING the Lead Machine. It can be an tough job if you do not have a strategy and more importantly if you don't REALLY understand the CONTENT What, Why, How, Where nuts and bolts.

Fortunately, there is ONE part of the Content, Engagement, SEO marketing equation that is a TOTAL No-Brainer in the Real Estate Space. LISTINGS! Real Estate Listings are GOLD, maybe "Rhodium"  What?
Well, just say LISTINGS are the #1 Food for Feeding your Lead Machine. Why?

Which One?

BOTH, but I strong suggest posting to Google Business Profiles first.

The potential viewership (if done right far exceeds the average Facebook Business Page Audience). 

Read the rest of the Post for all of the details on Best Practices.

The Rest of the Story

The WHY is this: People look for LISTINGS before they look for an Agent, as a rule. I know it sucks, but it is true. So the Content that your Leads want are Listings and Google Knows what your Leads want. You don't know who your Leads or Prospects are, so we gear the Content for Google first.

And where better to start than your Google Business Profile. It is built on top of Google Maps, which drives the Google "Near Me" Algorithm. And it has no limits as to who can see it. Is that true for your Facebook Page? Your Facebook page is limited to your Followers. Unless you PAY Blindly to BOOST Posts. And Paid Ads are expensive. (Love them, but that is for another Future POST)

So if your Facebook Page has 3K Followers that is who see's it. And are they
"In the Market"? Chances are "probably not".  At the very least, the number is small.

So how do you maximize potential reach? You POST (First) on the Platform that has NO Fences. Or at least a MUCH Bigger FENCED (Geofenced) area.

Once you POST in the BIG YARD, no one says you can't take that content and share it with your Facebook Audience. Because you never know where the NEXT ONE might come from. You are a REALTOR, not a Psychic.

REAL ESTATE LISTINGS have ALL of the makings of GREAT SEO Content:

  • Property Descriptions
  • Addresses
  • MLS Data Misc.
  • Meta Data
  • Search Reference Data
  • EXIF Data 

And if done right the Listing Pictures have even more than EXIF Data, making the POST even more TASTY for the Search Engines.

(Google Business Profiles that use EXIF data have 100X more Traffic) 

[ What is EXIF Data? ]

So I will Close with this... "Where are you Going to Post First, Next Time?"


Create your Listing Post. Provide as much detail as is available in the MLS Listing. Better idea is to use 50% of the content and then have the LEARN MORE Button loaded up with the Page that Houses your Listing. 

(Note: Ensure that your Google Remarketing Tag is active on ALL of your pages, as well as your Facebook (Meta) Tracking Pixel for retargeting purposes.)

Once you have the listing created and posted. Grab the Share Link and then post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc.

Some people prefer to simply grab all of the content and REBUILD IT in their standard Social Media Template Format.

Either way, start with Google Business Profile (or Google My Business) and then repurpose on all of Social. Start where it can be seen by EVERYONE 1st!

Quick Graphic: Cheat Sheet

Make your Google Business Profile Rock!


Google Business Profile Optimization Resources:

Super Google Business Profile Video

Before and After Optimization
Courtesy of  Ranking Academy

What are the best Google Business Profile (formerly "Google My Business") SEO techniques to rank Number #1 on Google or Google Maps?

Optimizing your google business Profile listing is not near as difficult as it seems.

Watch the Video above, by Ranking Academy. Really good stuff!

How do you become a Google Verified Realtor?

Want to Turbo-Charge your Google Business Profile Listing?

Every wonder how those 3 Realtors show up in those different looking Ads at the Top of your Search? One has been in the business for a month, the other a year, Huh?

Well, there is NO Rule that says your have to be an "Old Timer" to show up at the Top!

Google has made it Super Easy for Realtors. Verified Local Service Ads!

"Local Services ads help you connect with people who search on Google for the services you offer. Your ads will show up for customers in your service area, and you only pay if a customer calls or messages you directly through the ad."
Google Local Service Ads

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Does the content in this post seem vague or confusing?

If your answer to this question is YES, do not be surprised. I have been accused a time or 10 of talking over peoples heads. This is never the intent or goal, there are simply some things in the digital marketing space that are complicated. And often trying to simplify complicated topics is super difficult. In fact, possibly impossible. That would be like me reading a thesis on nuclear physics. The reader often has to start with a basic understanding or foundation of the content and begin to consume more information in small, sequenced chunks. Working up to being able to fully understand the technical content.

Blog Authors focused on Technical Content should study how to write and structure content:

Last Point: Blog Posts are often written for SEO "Search Engine Optimization". Knowing that the search engines and algorithms are not humans and are simply looking for chunks of relevant content, keywords, links (internal and external). Many Blog authors publish content for Google first and their readers 2nd. If Google does not find the content useful or relevant, it will never reach the eyes or the authors audience.

If the content is indexed and ranks, the potential audience finds the articles, glazes through the  NERD Talk and goes straight for the "Call To Actions' , FREE Downloads or maybe even converts, as they may realize that they do in fact, need Technical Help.

Worse case, a reader arrives, finds the content confusing and leaves.

Unbeknownst to the visitor, they were added to a retargeting audience via a Tag or Pixel and will soon be seeing a series of "Far More Digestable" and Helpful Content that is served up in small chunks and over time that bounced visitor becomes part of a highly engage audience or better yet, a customer or client of that website's owner.

Good Luck in your Quest for Online Marketing Success!

David Jamison, SEO Blog Author

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