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About Me

David Jamison MMT Media Florida

Becoming a Digital Marketing Expert:

The Journey of 10,000 Hours

Digital Marketing Consultant:

Expert, Real Estate Agent Marketing

HyperLocal Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Read On to Get the MMT History Lesson...

How it all started:

Tech Immersion

Engineering Background

  • Writing Code for Autocad (Autolisp)
  • Becoming the Master of Technical Duct Tape
  • Filling Holes in early development software
  • Sharing years of training and knowledge with other firms 
  • Enhancing Engineering / Design Teams Productivity
  • Teaching the Power of Automation / Creating my own Sales Automation


To Technical Sales & Marketing

Start MMT

Effective Marketing Tools

  • Starting from Scratch & Using a Duct Tape Method of Integration
  • Learned HubSpot from Scratch, then InfusionSoft & more
  • Was ahead of the Sales Funnel Craze, had a nice head start

Marketing automation 

is the technology that propels your business into a new era of relationship based marketing with quantifiable results. When powerful technology meets effective implementation and internal process management, your company will soon find itself on a journey that leads to new heights of business success.

  • Really started focusing on seamless integration & optimization
  • Making Marketing work harder than I was working
  • Began offering White Label Marketing Automation Services

Hyper Focus

Marketing Automation

The Rest

is MMT History

& The Future

  • Took my Engineering Background and crafted the:
  • PLAN
  • GROW
  • Marketing Method after working with one of the prominent experts

Below you will see the detailed "Timeline"

Looking for Digital Marketing Services?

 My Journey / Timeline:

I am a conversion focused Digital Marketing Consultant

Founded in 2010... 

Creating Results Producing Campaigns ever Since

  • 2006:  David Jamison B2B Sr. Strategic Account Executive (Engineering Background, Working in Autodesk Space)
  • 2006: Using SalesLogix CRM & Sales Force Automation
  • 2006: Develop (for Personal Use) External Piggy Back B2B Sales & Marketing Automation System. Leveraging Outlook Email Plugin for Automated Sending. Create Personal BLOG for Engineering Design SaaS Software. Use as a non-invasive communication resource for customers. Include regular Posts, Articles, Tips & Tricks and General  Info Shares with existing & potential customers. Leverage part-time outsourced sales assistant for regular touch points and appointment setting. Also for New Account Data Scraping via Google Searches. Add Companies & Contacts to external CRM for Data Imports. Used LinkedIn as Research Tool.(Outsource Costs: $75 per week - Paid with Mileage Money :) ) There is more, but this is the origin of my B2B Marketing Automation. Wow... How things have changed.
  • 2010: BLOG & Consultancy Founded
  • Official Launch: Late January 2010
  • Marketing for Local Real Estate Broker (Early Stages)
  • Focus: >
  • Marketing Automation Consultant & Software Review Blog
  • Marketing Technology used:
  • HubSpot, InterSpire
  • 2012: Requests for Wordpress Sites & Opt-In Campaign Builds 
  • 2012: InfusionSoft Partner
  • 2013: Launch Done-For-You Services Division
  • 2013: Wordpress Development Services
  • 2013: Thrive Themes Agency Members
  • 2014: Sales Funnel Consulting Launches
  • 2015: GetResponse Enterprise Partner
  • 2015: ActiveCampaign Partner
  • 2016: Niche Market Coaching Launches
  • 2017: Youth Sports Coaching & Fitness Niche Focused Clients
  • 2017: Did a number of InfusionSoft Migrations for Clients
  • 2017: ConvertKit, Drip, MailerLite & MailChimp Partners
  • 2018: Launches (Our Specialty)
  • 2018: Began using Marketo & helped clients migrate to ActiveCampaign
  • 2018: Teachable, SendOwl, Everlesson Membership Site Builds 
  • 2019: Maximum Audience Growth Plans Launched (Setup)
  • 2019: 100% Thrive Themes Focused with + (above)  Automations (focus ActiveCampaign)
  • 2019: Thrive Themes, ActiveCampaign, ThriveCart, ConvertBox becomes SOLID indisputable Marketing Tech Stack Selection.
  • More ...
  • 2020:   Crazy Year... Right? Well, to Help Local Businesses Survive and Thrive... 

Launched to help Local Businesses

A Local Marketing Agency dedicated to providing affordable Services to Small to Medium Sized Local Businesses

(Turned over to strategic partner to operate)

  • 2021:    Launching Online Presence's Left and Right! Moving into New Business Sectors!
    • 2022:    Operating as Independent Consultant
    • 2023:    Operating as Digital Marketing Consultant, Real Estate Marketing
      • 2023: | Will be the Agency Services side of MMT Media FL
        • 2023: | Digital Marketing Education for Agents, MMT Media FL
          • Online Course | Learning Management System Launching Summer 2023
          • 2023: | Hyperlocal Landing Pages for Realtor's Farm Areas.
            • Includes Farm Area Neighborhood Landing Pages & Content Marketing Strategy

So What About Right Now?

And "Right Now", I am solely focused on helping my clients develop their best "Results Producing" Online Presence.

From the ground up, new launch or a complete refresh to get you where you want to be! 


Looking for Digital Marketing Services?

A Common Question:

Becoming a SELF-MADE

Digital Marketing Expert

How do I  become a Digital Marketing Expert?

I often have people ask me "How to become a self made digital marketing expert"

My first response is always "How Much Time Do you Have?".  And my second question is always "What is your WHY?".

I had started a Digital Marketing Consulting Business and was doing Sales Funnel Development. Most of my business in those days came from referrals from the Fletcher Method. So it was a solid year before I had to worry about generating organic or paid traffic. But it was in the process of working with clients and doing their Sales Funnel builds that I was forced to learn the basics of digital marketing. 

What is the The Fletcher Method ?

What Else did I do to learn?

I did dozens of trials, free learning, the free Hubspot Certification, became an InfustionSoft Partner (now Keap), ClickFunnels ... you name it.

I am not sure there was a plan as much as a fluid process of figuring out what I had to learn that was right in front of me.

I had a habit of never saying no (I have learned to say NO today), and then learning what I needed to get the job done. It served me and my clients well in those days, but I would recommend a more planned out effort today. With all of the digital marketing training that is available, there is no need to wing it.

How long did it take me to become a Digital Marketing Expert?

That is a tough question as it seems like I am always learning. So it is somewhat of a never ending process. However, I think my first immersion it was a solid 18 to 24 months of daily learning before I felt like I was proficient at all aspects. But honestly, it has been in the last year that I really feel like my digital marketing knowledge has been turbo-charged. Some of it is simply repetition and results. But it is more of a Magic Point, where you feel like ... "I have got this".

But the real answer is that it takes years. Even in niche areas like Social Media, it can take a couple of years to really become proficient and label yourself an "Expert". And it is more than 100 Steps  ... the Title :) 

Once I really started marketing myself as a Digital Marketing Expert, I had to figure out who my competitors were. Was there local competition, who were the other "Top Marketing Experts" that would show up in search. How were potential clients searching for digital marketing consultants like myself. 

That was what led me to begin studying Search Engine Optimization

But over time I had to become all of these:

  • Marketing Technology Expert
  • Web Design Expert
  • Website Conversion Optimization Expert
  • Search Engine Optimization Expert
  • Social Media Marketing Specialist
  • Content Marketing Consultant
  • Email Marketing Expert
  • Sales Funnel Developer
  • Pay-Per-Click Expert

Ok, you get the point! I had to master every aspect of online marketing.

Sure, I have virtual assistants help me. But some of what I do is simply too important to put in someone else's hands.

Unless of course I know beyond a shadow of a doubt they are better at it than I am.

But learning every aspect allows you to choose better help, internally and externally.

So I hope that gives you some insight into becoming a self-made digital marketing expert!


Finding Digital Marketing Experts to Follow and Learn from. Here is a great start.


  • It's a TON of Work
  • You have got to LOVE IT to COMMITT to IT!
  • Don't be a Fence Rider once you decide. Be in, or be out!
  • Find a GREAT Mentor! A few are above! Check Out Aaron Fletcher!

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