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3 Keys to Real Estate Agent Success
Real Estate Agent Success

Success for Real Estate Agents

in 2022

How do Real Estate Agents perceive success?

It is often different for each agent.

But the ONE element that prevails over all other success factors on the scale?

You guessed it! 

Sales! Real Estate Sales

I guess that is why they call it that. Real Estate Sales. Your vision of success can be a lot of things, but if you are not making sales, you probably won't be doing this for long.

The Problem:

The problem is that most Agencies or Brokers don't really equip new (or existing) real estate agents with all of the tools that are necessary to succeed. Of course they try, and they do give them access to the basics. But to succeed often means going outside of the box. Or at least the box that the Agency or Broker lives in.

The Solution:

So the solution to the problem (or conquering the 3 keys to success) are pretty easy.

I am not going to belabor the situation or this blog post. I am going to get right to it, because that is totally the reason that you are reading this.

The 3 Keys to Success

You often read articles that focus on sales techniques, personal growth, work life balance stuff. You have read them all I am sure. And I will agree with some of it.

Personal Growth is important, and if you are in sales, sales methods and "techniques" can help. But NOT every new real estate agent is "wired" to be a great sales person. I worked for a large software company from 2000 to 2008 and I was consistently in the top 3 sales producers in the company. But I had an engineering background and had always been on the technical side of things. I was the one that was NOT supposed to be good at sales. But I succeeded in spite of the stereotypes.

The CEO of the company even asked me to present my "secrets" to a select group in Las Vegas one year.

I declined the offer and explained to the CEO why I declined.


Why did I decline? Why did I succeed in spite of stereotypes. 

Before I go any further, this blog post has NOTHING to do with me, or my sales methods. AT ALL. I do marketing today and other than doing a few strategy sessions or consults, I am rarely selling. And honestly, the 3 Keys to success are not unique to real estate sales.

What are they then?

So I am going to list the 3 Keys (imho) and then I will detail each of the 3 keys below.

Real Estate Sales Success in 2022

"The 3 Keys to success are not unique to real estate sales."
"Reason" to Succeed

Each Real Estate Agent that succeeds has a "REASON" to succeed. An underlying idea, thought, occurrence or ingrained life habit that drives them to do the things that are necessary to succeed.

And as a Rule, those people never even considered failure.

Solid Online Presence

The second key. Of course I was going to go here. But it's true. Having an Online Presence should really be an automatic. But it is not. Most agents are not setup for success from the start. It is something they have to search out and tackle themselves.

"Daily Disciplines"

This 3 key might in fact be number one. As it is necessary to drive the other 2 keys. Let's keep it at 3. I am going to do somewhat of a deep dive below and go into each of the 3 keys to success for real estate agents. Stay with me. You will be glad you did.

The 3 Keys to Real Estate Agent Success:

More Details

A "Reason" to Succeed

The "Reason to Succeed" is normally something that is in your DNA.

So I am not going to go to deep here, as it is something you have to find on your own. Most people that put in the effort to study, test and ramp up in real estate already have their own internal reasons. It is just a matter of harnessing that innate power and then eliminating other obstacles that might prevent your success.

A great resource:

A Solid

Online Presence

Ok, so here is the "MEAT & POTATOES" of this Blog Post.

So we talked about an Agents Reasons. And a bit about "Other Obstacles" that might prevent a Real Estate Agent from not producing sales at the level that they want.

The #1 Obstacle to Real Estate Success (as noted by agents across the country) is not having a sufficient online presence.

How hard is it for a Realtor to establish an Online Presence?

Let's talk about the Foundation of an Online Presence.

The foundation of Local Search is actually 100% FREE.

1. A Google Business Profile for YOU. Your Brand

I am going to provide a 4 Step FREE Foundational Course on building your "Found"ational Local Search Machine!

2. A Hyper-Local Landing Page (Way more than a One Pager)

3. On-Page SEO (I use RankMath Pro)

4. Lead Capture / Lead Nurturing Email Platform

I have 2 versions of the Perfect Local Marketing Package.

1 for Real Estate Agents and 1 for Local Businesses.

They are very similar, but the Real Estate Package has a few extra bells and whistles that I throw in at no charge.

The mystery to me is that Agents can get started with a great online presence for less than $2,000 Dollars.

Last time I checked, an average home sold (low $250,000) considering a 50/50 Broker split returns a commission of $7,500.

A starter online presence is normally less than 1/3 of the commission. And what if it ONLY led to 1 new sale per month. And extra $7,500 a month.

Why is this an OBSTACLE?

Mystery of Life!

Learn more ...

"Daily Disciplines"

Ok, this is the last of the 3 Keys to Success.

Why is this so important?

We the "Reason" (#1) is there NO MATTER what. 

The "Online Presence" (considering we have conquered the obstacle with the above run down) still has to be fed.

FEED the Machine.

What does that mean? 

It means that you have to create Engaging Posts for your Google Business Profile, Facebook, Instagram etc.

You have to create a few meaningful graphics to use in your posts. Maybe write an email or 3. (3 is best)

What if this does not FIT into your personal wheelhouse or that these "Daily Disciplines" are not part of your vision or you want to focus on more SALES ORIENTED tasks versus MARKETING ORIENTED tasks.

Then I say that is 100% OK!

That simply means that you have decided to "OUTSOURCE" your Daily Disciplines. 

And my response to that is this, "I Agree"

I also have my virtual assistant do a lot of my dirty work.

There are so many things to do in a day, it is often hard to find time to do "Dirty Work".

Between emails, phone calls, showings, family, life ...

It get's hectic.

That is why I say that the "Daily Disciplines" are really making sure that your Marketer, or virtual assistant or external company are handling your Marketing Daily Disciplines or someone else is feeding the machine.

Compared to the number of leads you will generate for your real estate business, it is a drop in the bucket.

Set a Budget and FEED the Machine as much as you are comfortable with to start and as sales grow, the Marketing MACHINE Food Budget Grows!


Got Questions on this?

Schedule a Call with me.

I am happy to help and point you in the Right Direction!



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I hope you found this article useful.

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