Digital Marketing Agent Package

"Be the Hyper-Local Authority"

Local Lander / One Page Website, Google Business Profile, Email Marketing & On-Page SEO

The Best Foundation for Realtors to Get Found Fast and Win the Local Search Game!

Get Online the Right Way!

Perfect for Real Estate Agents

Get Found Fast


Stand Out in the Crowd

Real Estate Agents

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Local Authority

What's Included?

The Digital Marketing Agent Package for Realtors

Google Business Profile

One Page Website

Email, SMS Platform

On-Page SEO 
Digital Marketing Starter Package

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Google Business Profile




     Regular Fee

  • 12 Point Setup
  • 3 Posts
  • 10 Images 
  • 1 Video
  • Social Connections
  • Messaging
  • Review Campaign
One Page Website




     Regular Fee

  • Conversion Focused 
  • 2 Revision Rounds
  • Basic SEO
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Email Integration
  • Lead Capture
  • 60 Day Support *
Email Marketing




     Regular Fee

  • Setup & integration
  • WP Plugin Setup
  • Website Integration
  • Template Setup
  • Capture Form
  • Autoresponder
  • 60 Day Support
On-Page SEO




     Regular Fee

  • Title Optimization
  • H1, H2, H3 Tags
  • Meta Description
  • Image Alt Tags
  • Schema Markup
  • 5 Keywords
  • Search Console +

4 Services:

Regular Price:  $2,346

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Special Pricing:

Save $747



Regular: $2346, Save $747

  • The 4 Key Elements to Get Found
  • Designed for Lead Generation
  • Great Foundation for Success
  • Integrates with Everything ...
  • An affordable digital marketing package for Realtors, Coaches, Consultants and Small Businesses
  • Get Found Fast with a Perfectly Optimized Google Business Profile
  • generate new leads and customers
  • Nurture those Leads with Amazing Email Marketing by ActiveCampaign (a Great CRM Too!)
  • Way More ...

Your Local Authority Search "Found"ation

Most Real Estate Agents struggle with their Online Presence.

It can get Confusing & Complicated!

Most Agents know they need to do this. Often it is a matter of not knowing what to do next, who to call, or what questions to ask. It's Hard to Get What you Want or Need, when you really don't know yourself. 

And very few companies offer a Complete Foundational Starter Package. 

Sure you can get a Website, and then have someone else do your Local Search, and then get referred to someone for Email Marketing and next, forget about On-Page SEO ... Crazy Expensive!

I know it can be Super Frustrating for Realtors.

Confused about Real Estate marketing

So I created the All-In-One Local Authority Search "Found"ation for Real Estate Agents.

Local Search Found-ation

Click on Image to take a closer look ...

Everything a Real Estate Agent needs

To "Get Found" Fast!

The Best Part ...

The Agent Package is truly FOUNDATIONAL ... 

And it integrates with virtually every Real Estate Marketing Tool that Matters!

Some of my clients asked, what is "FOUNDATIONAL"?

This is how I define "FOUNDATIONAL" ...

  • The Local Lander can be the FOUNDATION for your entire website
  • The Google Business Profile is truly the FOUNDATION of Local Search
  • On-Page Search Engine Optimization is the FOUNDATION for Google Search
  • Email is STILL (even in 2022) the FOUNDATION of Marketing Communication
Digital Marketing Starter Package

And to make the package even better ...

I created the package

With the Intent of being a


for even MORE!

I created the Ultimate Agent Starter Package with the intent of being PHASE 1 of your Online Presence Development Process!

Now it can STAND ON IT'S Own to make you STAND OUT! Maybe it is all you will ever need or want. Just the BASICS!

But Great BASICS! I get it ... But not everyone wants or needs a complete multi-step funnel marketing system.

I Love This Stuff so doing more is in my DNA! So I built it with the thought that this could be ALL YOU NEED or ALL You Need to go to the next step. If that is the plan, then you are in good hands. As the Local Authority Agent Package will be your Online Traffic Control Center. And when you learn about some of the other things I do and other products I work with and partner with, you will see the seamless ability to integrate with those tools.

And I will give you the 4 Step Blueprint to Grow your Online Presence at your pace for FREE!

Every single one of the Real Estate Marketing Platforms below can be wrapped around the Agent Starter Package. Every body has their own preferences. And I feel like the tools below are the Best of the Best. There may be one or two (CRMs) that I don't have down there that are in my favorites tool bag. But you got to walk before you run. Become the Local Authority First. Get the Basics done.

Your Google Business Profile. A Simple but Effective Local Lander. A Simple, but Solid Email Marketing Tool, your Social Media Accounts. Especially Facebook and Instagram. And then we can move on to the next stage. My Goal is to offer you a Low to No Overwhelm method of getting your Online Presence kicking on all cylinders with as little effort and impact to your daily disciplines as possible. 

RealGeeks Real Estate Marketing Real Estate marketing

The Agent Package is a low cost and easy to implement "Foundation" that is the perfect compliment to Agent Fire Websites and Marketing Tools, or Real Geeks. I have clients that use my Local Landers and GBP Optimization Service and Love for the Heavy Lifting and getting off the "Hamster Wheel". And of course I have clients that Love So know that you can grow with my package and will have ZERO migration concerns, it all works together. And if you choose to use another email platform later, I will migrate you for FREE.

The Agent Package  Foundation "Local Authority Hub"  Phase 1 

  • Google Business Profile Setup and Optimized
  • Local Landing Page for Real Estate Agents
  • ActiveCampaign Email Marketing (Includes a great CRM with the Plus Package)
  • RankMath Pro - On-Page SEO for Wordpress (Goal get a 100/100 on your On-Page and you are on your way to ...

Getting Found Online . . . Fast!

Stop Being Invisible in Local Search!

What are the next steps?

Evergreen Marketing Content Phase 2

What is this?

This is where you begin building out a complete Pro Style Real Estate Marketing Funnel.

When you combine the Local Authority Search Package with the Evergreen Marketing Content, you really begin to break away from some of the "Old School" methods of doing Real Estate Sales.

Cold Calling and Door Knocking is great and you may never give it up totally. Especially when it comes to expired listings and other aspects of the business. 

But it is time consuming and energy draining.

So to be able to really break away from the "Hamster Wheel Methods of Real Estate Sales"!

Hamster Wheel

You have to have an Evergreen Marketing System in place that is Working For YOU, 24,7, 365!

I am not even going to go into more detail about the Evergreen Marketing Funnel here, as I want you to focus on Step 1. The Foundation. Get that part right. See where you are at with your sales and then we can talk.

By the way there is Phase 3 and Phase 4.

But honestly, Phase 3 and Phase 4 are geared towards teams and brokers. Phase 3 is more sophisticated Lead Capture and Lead Conversion Funnel Methods (more retargeting, competitor targeting and more moving parts.) Phase 4 is something that we can integrate right into Phase 1 and that is a Social Media driven Referral Funnel. Friends, Family and Recent Clients / Closings recruiting more Buyers and Sellers based on your Great Local Authority Reputation!

That you built with ... Well you know the rest.

Let's Get Started with your Foundation!

Let's Get You FOUND!

Isn't it fitting that FOUND is in Foundation?

Register for the

Foundations for Real Estate Agents "Email Series"

4 Email (totally FREE) that walks you through the 4 Elements that you need to Get Found! Plus capturing and nurturing leads. To get your Real Estate Business rocking in 2022!

You will be

In Good Company!

A little praise from a few of my clients...

Within 6 weeks I had gone from ZERO leads, to Over 700. 

My marketing needed a complete makeover. Personal Branding page setup for Local Search. Google Profile? I had none. Social, Ads, What? I needed help bad. I was referred to David and I scheduled a call. Within 6 weeks I had gone from ZERO leads, to over 700. And I already have 2 closings scheduled from the business I generated. What a Huge Difference. Thank You David!

Wendy R. | New Real Estate Agent

Griffin Valdes

"I have know David for along time. I called him just for some advice. We were launching a Streaming TV Service. I figured he could point me in the right direction. He told me that he was pretty swamped, but had a 2 week window open. I figured, what could he possibly finish in 2 weeks? I sent him a sheet that me and my partners had scratched out. And then I sent him the company's website that we are working with. There stuff was not that great, but I figured it would get him started.

I got probably 80% of everything back and done before I had even been invoiced the final payment. He even did out Logo because he was waiting too long for our designer. It was meant to be a placeholder. It was better than the one we paid for. I never really realized how good he was at this stuff.
I guess I made a lucky call for info.!"


I had been using another real estate marketing platform and it just was not working for me. It was confusing and outdated. I found MMT in an online search. I took a look at some of the tools and services. After our call I signed up to be a client
I had my entire online marketing system up and running in less than 3 weeks.  We started with social and blogging and then I added paid ads and things simply exploded. I could not be happier. The system included my Website, the crm, my search and ads and I actually know how to use it and I have already generated more leads than I had in over 6 months doing things the "OLD WAY". So Glad I found MMT. What a difference.

Rob H. Realtor

I always love getting great feedback from "Happy Clients"! DJ

Got Questions? Schedule a Call, Let's Talk

What will you Need? Are there any extras?

"The Fine Print"

You will need Thrive Themes ($99 qrtly) & ActiveCampaign (30 Day FREE Trial, then $9 a month), & Ionos Hosting (.50 cents a month 1st Year then $10 Monthly)

All-In-One Toolbox for WP, Convert Visitors into Leads & Customers


Finally, Marketing Automation that's powerful & easy to use

IONOS Hosting

99% Uptime, Fast Scalable Hosting, Automatic Backups

Client Start Up Notes:

Once you get started with the deposit (50% Deposit, 50% 21 Days later @ Delivery / There is a Standard 3% Processing / Transaction Fee on the Checkout Cart ), you will get an onboarding form to complete. If you already have a logo and images you will be given a client folder to upload those assets. You will complete the remainder of the onboarding questions and if I have any questions I will reach out to you within 24 hours. * There is a Standard 3% Processing / Transaction Fee on the Checkout Cart 

I create a unique GMAIL Account for each of my clients and we use that for the BASIC Initial Setup so the process is not impeded by communication. I will turn the email address over to you at the project completion. I also use the GMAIL Account for your Google Analytics account setup and other web tracking tools that I create for your online presence. You can have your personal email added to these accounts for administration purposes later.

Project Turn Around Time:

The normal build / turn-around time is 21 Days (+/- 2 days). Depending on GROUP On-boarding. If we have unusual volume, you will be notified and put in a queue. 

Technical / Software Details:


The hosting is ZERO Cost during build and then once I do the pass off we will need to have the hosting activated (3 days prior). The hosting is only .50 Cents a month for the 1st year (paid in full / $ 6 dollars) and then the 2nd year is only $10 a month.

WordPress Theme and Tools:

I use Thrive Themes and Thrive Suite. Their products are marketing focused and are the perfect set of tools for this application. They are very nominally priced and the subscription is only $99 every quarter. Worth every cent and more. Updates are included and can be set to automatic. (I handle that). You will handle the subscription payments directly via my link above and provide me with the login credentials. I have a specific set of logins that I will give you in advance so there is no need for back and forth slow downs during the build.

ActiveCampaign Email Marketing:

I will setup your FREE 30 Day Trial after project start with the GMAIL I detailed above. Prior to the 30 Day Trial expiration you will have to add your billing information to insure that the trial does not expire. The Lite Account is only $9 a Month. The pricing is very clear and does go up based on the active number of contacts. ActiveCampaign integrates with virtually all CRM's and Email Platforms in the event that you decide on another platform.

I do have some clients and specific industries that you specialized tools. (i.e. Real Estate) If you fall into this category, we can discuss the tools that you might need for your long term campaign efforts. I am a certified ActiveCampaign Partner and feel this tool is the very best email platform for the money. We can also connect your existing email (i.e. outlook, gmail etc. to the platform - but for deliverability you need a custom domain, i.e. This is all very simple, I will handle the technical details.


Ongoing Support:

This system will be very stable and self supporting for the most part. I provide 60 days of FREE Support after the pass off. If you feel like you need or want ongoing support, it is best to start with a minimal Flex-Time Support Plan and then if you need to add more based on your own personal ability to take care of a few super simple tasks, you can add time in blocks of 2, 4, 8 and 16 Hours. I will have special pricing for your organization, so please ask. You can always use the Flex-Time for system training as well.

FREE Video Support:

I will be completing the Video Support & FAQ Section in early May 2022. All of the basic support and maintenance concerns will be addressed in the Videos and I will also be releasing a Online Learning Portal that will have all of that content as well.

For your Hosting, Thrive Themes and ActiveCampaign you also have full support from the respective companies as well.

Private Facebook Support Group:

You will also have access to a FREE Private Facebook Support Group for the "The Ultimate Digital Marketing Starter Package" subscribers. We will most likely assign a few admins that are technically capable and over time the group will be mostly self supporting. I will also be adding other tools that we integrate with the "Starter Package" Platform. CRMs, Lead Generation Tools, Social Media Tools, Paid Ad Platforms etc.

Facebook Messenger Support:

If you have an urgent pressing matter, you can always reach out to me via Facebook Messenger during regular business hours. If there is a more pressing issue you can send an email to and we respond to support emails within 24 hours. You will also have a Text Support number provided to you upon project delivery.

Need More than a One Pager?

Let's talk first!.

We can create a custom quote based on your specific needs, budget and schedule

Schedule a Call with us and let's talk about your new project.

Thrive Themes is great for One Pagers and One Hundred Page WordPress Websites.

Let your One Pager Grow with you!

Every Website comes with: *
  • Premium Stock Photos
  • Premium WP Plugins & Add-ons
  • Email Integration **
  • Lead Capture Lightbox
  • More ...

* Thrive Themes subscription required (click here for info) Free Alternative available (click here for info)

Got Questions? Schedule a Call, Let's Talk

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