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"Feeding the Machine"

Feed the Machine - Content Marketing for Real Estate Agents
A Super Simple Approach to Content Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Required Parts: Farm Area Page, Google Business Profile, Facebook Page, Buyer / Seller Evergreen Posts, Property Listings

A Simple Content Marketing Strategy to Power your Hyperlocal Landing Pages

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The Simple "Feed the Machine" 101 is the Perfect Content Strategy to Kickstart a "Farm Area" Neighborhood Page.

"Feed the Machine" is a Supplement to the:

"Farm Area" Flywheel 

Farm Area Flywheel Landing Pages and Marketing System
The Ultimate Tool For Real Estate Agents Looking To Dominate Their Local Market
"Farm Area" Flywheel Landing Page by MMT Media Florida.

Flex Your

"Local Expertise"

Become your "Farm Area" Neighborhood Authority!

With the  "Farm Area" Flywheel, you'll be able to streamline your marketing efforts & generate more leads than ever before.

Give your prospects the hyperlocal value they desperately crave

With our focused farm area neighborhood guides you can stop wasting precious time & money on ineffective marketing strategies, and start seeing real results.

Each of your "Farm Area" Landing Pages 

include the following:

Real Estate Blog Posts
Featured Area Map Nav

Get the Power of AgentFire in your "Farm Area" Pages by default

Real Estate "Market Reports"
Neighborhood Guide

help showcase yourself as the true hyperlocal authority by providing unique value

New Listings
Property Listing Pages

Create engaging Property Listing Pages that can compete & Connect to Zillow Pages +

New Listings
Newest Listings

Showcase new listings & upcoming open houses! Create Great CTAs!

Real Estate Property Photos and Videos
Photos & Videos

Easily add your own photos and videos.

+ Add EXIF Geolocation Data

Real Estate "Market Reports"
Market Reports

Automated market reports created using HomeJunction™️ data.

Yelp Local Businesses
Yelp™️ Local Businesses

Auto-populated or curated to reflect your top picks!

Real Estate Blog Posts
Related Blog Posts

Showcase your favorite local businesses or events! Or unique content you create.

School Ratings
Schools w/ Star Ratings

Add your own unique sections and style.

You Be You... Provide Valuable "Real" Insight.

+ More...

Way More!

This is NOT your "Aunt Susie's Neighborhood Page"... or "Uncle Bob's"? :)

You get the Point!

A Power Packed Farm Area Landing Page that your competitors will WISH they had...

AgentFire Property Listing Pages
Farm Area Flywheel Landing Pages and Marketing System

Plus + You Get a HUGE

Bonus Freebie

When you get a "Farm Area" Flywheel Page we will ADD 5 (Yes, 5) Property Listing Pages for you at ZERO Charge!

(a $360 Value)

Mandy A.



"Has Skyrocketed my Local Search Ranking for my #1 Farm Area... Once I hit my Sales Goals from that Farm Area, I am doing exactly what Dave teaches us... RINSE & REPEAT. Farm Area #2 will be coming very soon! Launch a 3rd and I think I will have ALL I can Handle!"

Farm Area Flywheel Landing Pages and Marketing System

More about the "Farm Area" Flywheel...

Our simple, intuitive method empowers you to quickly and easily identify the hottest "Farm Area" neighborhoods in your area, so you can focus your marketing efforts where they will be most effective.

Get Off of the Hamster Wheel and Create an Evergreen Lead Machine.

By leveraging our affordable, cutting-edge platform, analytics and tools, you'll be able to create targeted marketing campaigns for your select "Farm Area" that speak directly to the needs and interests of your ideal "Farm Area" prospects! Be active, gain Momentum and Get your Neighborhood Flywheel Rolling!

With your "Farm Area" Flywheel, you can Stop Wasting Time and Money on ineffective marketing strategies, and Start Seeing Real Results.

Here are just a few of the features you will get from Farm Area Flywheel:

  • A World Class Farm Area, Neighborhood Guide / Landing Page design (Totally separates you from the pack)
  • Comprehensive neighborhood data: Get real-time insights into the latest trends and hotspots in your local market.
  • All tied directly to the Google Maps API & Yelp Local. This alone gives you a HUGE Advantage in Search.
  • Personalized marketing campaigns: Tailor your messaging to speak directly to your ideal clients, and watch your search & conversion rates soar. Become the "Sought After Local Authority" in your Farm Area!
  • Automated lead generation: Let our platform do the heavy lifting when it comes to capturing and nurturing leads, so you can focus on what you do best - closing deals.
  • Easy appointment setting, automated Open House Call-To-Actions and more. (integrated with Calendly)
  • All tied to your Google Business Profile so you can get a 360 view of your marketing efforts so you can continually refine and improve your strategies. And grow your Gross Commissions, even in a Tough Market.
We believe that with the right tools & support, anyone can build a thriving real estate business & achieve their goals.
At MMT, we're committed to empowering realtors to succeed in their local markets.

Are you ready to take your real estate business to the next level?

Schedule a Call Today or Sign up for Farm Area Flywheel today and experience the power of data-driven marketing, ALL on a Super Affordable Budget!

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What makes this Landing Page different?

Tons of Engagement Features, Lead Tracking, List Building, Retargeting and More!

Fully Search Engine Optimized

The Neighborhood Data is tied to Google Maps, Google Maps API +Yelp Reviews. This feature gives you a huge advantage in Local Search

Integrated Call-To-Action Tools to Grow your Lead List

Easy Open House Schedulers, Showing Schedulers, Phone / Zoom Appointment Scheduling, Pop-Ups and Tons of Lead Capture CTAs.!

Integrates with Zillow, removing your Biggest Obstacle in Search

Integrate your Zillow Profile and more

Virtually NO other Real Estate Agent Platform has the Local Ranking Punch of AgentFire...

AgentFire has been Ranked as the #1 Real Estate Agent Platform for 2019-2022, with MORE 5 Star Reviews than ALL other Competitors!

Plus + the Biggest Difference of All!

A Complete Content Marketing Strategy packaged with the "Farm Area" Flywheel Page

The Simple to Follow "Farm Area" Flywheel Strategy pairs up with your Google Business Profile to make your "Lander" a Property Listing, Neighborhood Guide, Local Authority, Content Flywheel Powerhouse!

Once you get a "Flywheel Moving" it is Hard to Stop it!

Testimonials / Reviews

Google & Facebook Reviews

MMT Media Florida - Google and Facebook Reviews

"Farm Area" Flywheel Landing Pages

Neighborhood Guides

Pricing Options

Big Basic +


Everything you need to begin your Local Domination Campaign...

Plus + Get 5 FREE Property Listing Pages Built

(a $360 Value)

Premium +


Everything in Extras + Plus:

  • 3 AgentFire Call-To-Action Boxes
  • "Farm Area" Guide Lead Magnet (PDF)
  • + 1 "Farm Area" Lead Capture Page
Extras +


Everything in Big Basic +

Plus ALL Integrations + Calendly

Plus + Get 5 FREE Property Listing Pages Built (a $360 Value)

Google Local Service Ads Pair Perfectly with the "Farm Area Flywheel Page"

<<< Read the Latest Post on Lead Generation

Step #9 - Low Cost Google Ads (Local Service Ads) for Real Estate Agents

Learn About the Secret Backdoor Method of Ranking your Google Business Profile Higher...
Google Local Service Ads for Real Estate Agents

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Want the "Farm Area" Flywheel Local Ranking Content Strategy? FOR FREE?

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