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Creating High Converting Websites,

that Attract New Customers

I create more than Websites. My Websites are High Converting, Lead Capture Machines that drive new leads, customers & revenues for your company




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What My Clients Say

Erin F.


I was soooo Frustrated with my Online Course building. I had taken courses from other "Gurus", read every book, watched YouTube Videos. Finally I started searching online for help. I found David and within weeks we had my Course Up and Running. I launched the course, got traffic going and had my first students within 3 weeks.

What a Relief! Thank You so so much David!

Lance M.

B2B | Technical SOFTWARE

I had known David from years back when he was working in the Tech Space. He was always tinkering with stuff, even when he was doing sales for Autodesk. He even created his own Email Platform to use with his own customers. 

So I knew he was the right guy for my B2B Campaigns. He got my site straight and got traffic going and Boom. The Rest is History!

I would not use anyone else. Period!


Matt M.


I have to say, the Dave actually kind of found me.

But once he showed me some of his stuff and what he could do. Wow! 

His own stuff is kind of like a "Show and Tell"!

I loved all of his sites, pages, social, everything.

So I said do that stuff to my site!

He ramped me up way faster than I could really even handle. But I figured that was a good problem to have. So I am about 6 months Ahead!

What did all of these clients have in common? They all increased their Lead Flow by over 300% within the first 90 days. And there are lot's more where they came from. Served over 700 Clients to date.

* The pictures are not actual pictures of the clients, but the stories are there own *

Below, ask yourself a few of these Key Questions 

These come straight from my Client Interviews! Many of them, you have probably said at one point ...

Do any of these Sound Familiar to You? 

Click on the YES Button below if any of these Applies to You or Your Business


You have Talent, but this is not it!


You barely have enough time to run your the business


Or worse, a bad website. Bad & they never come back


Site visit is Ok, but capture & convert is bad

Your Website is FLAT OUT UGLY

You are embarrassed to show it to friends & family

How, What, Where?

This Online thing is NOT your Bag


On amateurs that made things worse


The longer you wait, the worse it gets

You DON't know where to Start

Well, it is your Lucky Day!

If you said YES to any of the above keep digging in and learn more...

If you answered YES to any of the above, you need My Help!

So I kept hearing this from my Clients all of the time...

"The Big PROBLEM I have with Online Marketing Help, is that I don't even know what to look for or what questions to ask. Even if I Found the Right Help!" So I  created a "Simple System" to Help Business Owners that did not really want to deal with the Tech Headaches! To "Make it Easy".

David Jamison

That became my PROMISE to my customers!

"To Make It Easy & of course affordable"

For Them, and in the Process, it made it Way Easier on Me! A Win, Win!

The PROOF...


Perfect Online Presence


Perfect Online Presence

More PROOF...


I Help Businesses Just Like Yours ...


It's Time for Me To Take More Small Businesses

To The Next Level!

I strive to provide exceptional service to my clients, Every Day!

I am committed to  fast and clear communication with every client and providing personalized, top-notch support when it matters, and listening to my customers when they have something to say.

Let's Get Started on Your BUSINESS GROWING Project!

David W Jamison


@ a Small Business, dealing with the same challenges as most of my clients

Serving Clients all over the U.S.A. since 2010

  • Fitness Trainers
  • Spas, Gyms, Sports Teams
  • Medical Specialties
  • Dentists
  • Chiropractors
  • Local Doctors
  • Home Services
  • Painters
  • Pool Cleaners
  • Restaurants
  • Interior Designers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Digital Marketers
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Online Course Creators
  • Artists (Traditonal & Digital)

+ More ... The List of Business Types is Endless, of course I have My Personal Favorites (Just Ask)

Portfolio Peeks

Explore some of my Work...

Since 2010, I have created Hundreds of Websites! Over 300 of them have been White Label Projects for Larger Agencies ...

Less than Awesome was NOT an option for these clients! 

If you want a backstage pass to see all my complete portfolio list email me directly and enter "PORTFOLIO PEEK" in the Subject Line

Plastic Surgery - Medical Specialty Funnel

Client #17-20

Medical Specialties "One Of My Fave Spaces"  ... from Physical Therapy, Stem Cell, Med Spas and More


Client #19-44

B2B Technical Software and other Tech Type Companies. Kind of where I got  My Start



Client #18-33

No I did not Barter this one, No Food Jokes Please. Yes, I like to eat, an easy space to create for!


Client #21-07

This was a first in the space. Turned out great and get's even "GREATER" Results

AgentFire Real Estate Marketing
Are you a Realtor or Broker?
I have a Better Option for your Real Estate Websites...

More from the Portfolio...

Best Viewed on Desktop

(Pardon the Mobile)

Before you visit the Portfolio Site, Check Out the Process Below...

My Website Design Process is as Simple as One, Two, Three!

Whether I am creating an Entire Online Presence or a Website Refresh ...
David Jamison
"I Always Have A Plan" and it is as Easy as 1,2,3!

Three Simple Steps To Get "Your" High-Converting Website

Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress
Current Progress

Step 1.

Select the Number of High-Converting Pages You Need

Sometimes just a NEW Homepage can do wonders for your Online Business Presence. Other times it is an entire website or a complete marketing funnel.

The decision is yours

If you are NOT sure, I can always give you advice in this area. I will be super straight with you.

You can even decide if you want to add an email marketing platform and we can add the integration in the initial build process. We have done this a time or two.  :)

Step 2.

Complete the Project Start Form with your Details

As soon as you purchase the number of pages you need, you will be redirected to my "Project Details" page.

You will record some of the basic information we need to get started and I will schedule a design consult call with you. These calls are normally pretty quick, as I have already collected much of the information I need to get moving.

If you are not sure about "Page Count" or what pages you need... No Worries, you can ADD after the start and get the same price based on the package/promotion we offered.

Our Average page count for Projects is 5. But adding more once we start is super easy. We got you covered.

Step 3.

Watch Your Amazing Website Attract New Customers

Watch Your Amazing Website Attract New Customers.

This is where the FUN and Satisfaction Begins.

Most of my Clients stay connected and begin to ask for advice to get the most out of their NEW Online Presence.

Most ADD Lead Capture and Email Marketing, Many others add Google Profile Optimization and Local Search. 

The next steps are adding enhanced SEO, Social, Content and then Paid Advertising. Bring a consistent flow of new leads to their NEW Website! 

Are You Frustrated with Complicated Proposals?



How Many Pages To Skyrocket Your Business?


1, 3 or 5? Maybe more? 

It’s your choice. The more you order the BIGGER the Discount

+ More happy customers coming your way almost instantly.

Each Package Comes With:

Unlimited Premium Stock Photos

Install & Setup Theme & Plugins

Premium Page Builder *

* See Hosting Details  < (Click Icon)

Premium Add-Ons *

Extra Premium Discounts

Free 90 Day Support

* Thrive WP Suite **  (Click Icon)

* Hosting & Thrive Suite Tools are purchased by the Client (See Maintenance Fee Schedules *

Hosting is FREE for 30 Days and then "Plan 1" is .50 cents a month for year 1 and year 2 Hosting is $10 per Month.

Thrive Suite (Marketing Tools for Wordpress Websites is $30 p/m)


Let's talk first!

I can create a custom quote based on your needs and wishes, or simply add pages in quantities in our table.

If you Still Have Any Questions, Please Always FEEL FREE to * SCHEDULE A CALL * with me and let's talk about your project.

David Jamison

Checkout My
Website Packages

Still On the Fence?

The Results is What Matters ...

"We saw a 65% decrease in conversion costs!"

Since our agency operates online, the design of our website is extremely important. The quality of our website design can dramatically decrease our advertising costs.

David is one of the most talented marketing guys & designers I have ever seen worked with. He helped us design several websites we own and have significantly increased our revenue all due to his high-converting designs and the marketing tech he wraps around the website. It is literally a Lead Gen Machine!

We will will be working with him on several projects in the near future and I believe his help will be integral to the long term success of my business.

Dante D.

A Couple of Before and Afters ...

Sure the "Afters" Look Better,

But it was the ROI that was the Winner!

And the Visual is the Least Impactful Aspect, the Time Spent "On Page" & Lead Capture were the Big Winners!

Before and After SM
Before and After Wedding
Before and Afters

Still Looking for More?

Frequently Asked Questions

What About Custom Design?

We can do fully custom web design & development if needed. The fee structure is different and would require a custom proposal. Depending on our Client Volume, we may not be able to accommodate the request. But we can refer you to another agency or consultant if needed. We understand.

What About Custom Graphics?

We do offer custom creative services. Please schedule a call or email me @ and provide me with  your requirements. Custom Graphics are offered at $85 per Hour.

What If I need a Video?

We do offer Video Creation. It is a custom fee structure, but it is very affordable. The rates start at $110 per hour and if there is no physical videography required we can normally complete a solid explainer video in 1 day (8 Hours)

Are there Different Packages?

Our most common web design packages are the 1, 3 and 5 Pagers. We do offer full Website Builds, but after the 5 Pager is complete depending on needs, we can provide additional pages on a "Per Page" Rate. Some are less than the base 1 pager, some are significantly more. Elements such as copywriting, blog posts, seo, graphics and other custom factors dictate pricing. Keep in mind that custom projects can be significantly higher than my standard rates due to complexity and scheduling. Schedule a Call to Discuss

Do you have Design Limitations?

Depending on the tools we use, we are somewhat limited with the options each tool provides. The Good thing is, those things happen rarely, actually we never turned a client down because we couldn’t do something. 

Where there’s a will there’s a way, and be sure we’ll find it!

Schedule a Call to Discuss

How Long is my Support for?

You’ll have full support 30 days after the project is officially finished. Within that time you’ll be able to request up to 5 changes to existing design.

After 30 days if you need something you’ll need to hire us again.

Need regular support? Contact me for monthly rates. Or I can refer you to my preferred Wordpress Support Agency. 

*While I am working on the project you have my full support and revision requests.

More Questions? Schedule a Call to Discuss

What do you need to start?

After you place the order (Package Page - 50% Deposit) you’ll be redirected to our project details form where you’ll share all the necessary information for us to be able to start working on your project.. The onboarding is pretty solid.

If anything is missing I'll et you know.

You’ll be in direct contact first with me (David Jamison, the owner), once I collect the information I will be off to the races. (Communication is via email & Loom Video) until the project is finished.

More Questions? Schedule a Call to Discuss

Is Copy & Copywriting Included?

Basic Copy is included. But it is your business, that is part of what I collect on the front end. If you need any custom content writing or copywriting, I can provide a custom quote for your needs. I have very specific guidelines on marketing copy. I have a very good feel for what is needed and what works. I have Frameworks that I can furnish you to have a guideline for creating that yourself.

If you need custom copy, I am available for that for Websites, Landing Pages, Funnels, Emails and more.

More Questions? Schedule a Call to Discuss

More Questions? If there are additional questions, it is best to simply shoot me an email @

Ready to Skyrocket Your Business?

Let's Get Started Designing your NEW Website & Get Your Business Growing ...

And have Customers Standing In Line for your Products or Services!