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Local Landing Pages

for Local Search Dominance

Learn How using Local Landing Pages optimized for specific products & services and specific geographies can be a super effective method of crushing your competition.

Local Landing Page

Ihave been creating focused local landers since 2010

You're in Good Marketing Hands

There are HUGE Benefits to this often overlooked strategy.

Pair it up with your Google Business Profile for an even Bigger Punch!


Why I Build Them?


Leverage Hyper-Localization

Pair up with your Google Business Profile for a Supercharged Local Search Punch!


Make your Google Business Profile 

Work Harder. GMB, Social and Homepage work better.


Lead Generation + Local SEO All-In-One

The page is not just about Search. Use it as a Hyper-Focused Lead Generation page. No bouncing from page to page.

Page Bounce is reduced significantly with Local Landing Pages.

+ Plus Local Landing Pages are great to go after your competition!


You will be

In Good Company!

A little praise from a few of my clients...

Within 6 weeks I had gone from ZERO leads, to Over 700. 

My marketing needed a complete makeover. Personal Branding page setup for Local Search. Google Profile? I had none. Social, Ads, What? I needed help bad. I was referred to David and I scheduled a call. Within 6 weeks I had gone from ZERO leads, to over 700. And I already have 2 closings scheduled from the business I generated. What a Huge Difference. Thank You David!

Wendy R. | New Real Estate Agent

Griffin Valdes

"I have know David for along time. I called him just for some advice. We were launching a Streaming TV Service. I figured he could point me in the right direction. He told me that he was pretty swamped, but had a 2 week window open. I figured, what could he possibly finish in 2 weeks? I sent him a sheet that me and my partners had scratched out. And then I sent him the company's website that we are working with. There stuff was not that great, but I figured it would get him started.

I got probably 80% of everything back and done before I had even been invoiced the final payment. He even did out Logo because he was waiting too long for our designer. It was meant to be a placeholder. It was better than the one we paid for. I never really realized how good he was at this stuff.
I guess I made a lucky call for info.!"


I had been using another real estate marketing platform and it just was not working for me. It was confusing and outdated. I found MMT in an online search. I took a look at some of the tools and services. After our call I signed up to be a client
I had my entire online marketing system up and running in less than 3 weeks.  We started with social and blogging and then I added paid ads and things simply exploded. I could not be happier. The system included my Website, the crm, my search and ads and I actually know how to use it and I have already generated more leads than I had in over 6 months doing things the "OLD WAY". So Glad I found MMT. What a difference.

Rob H. Realtor


Of Course, unless you want your Competition to continue to eat away at your profit margins!

Local Landing Page

Local Landing Pages

Great Combination with your Google Business Profile

Hi, I'm David Jamison

ceo at MMT

Local Landing Pages are one of those "OFTEN FORGOTTEN" Tactics that are Left Out! 

WHY? Most Agencies (and consultants) don't want to have a "One Off" offering. It takes them out of the High Dollar Category.


They Kick A$$! 

They work and they make all your other marketing work better!

I feel like it is my obligation to provide the service to my clients.

Over 70% of my clients come from Local Landing Pages.

The BIG Secret is this ... You can use them in areas you want to Target that are NOT your own backyard.

Add a Service Area in your Google Business Profile and then launch a Local Lander optimized for that Geography!

Super Simple, Super Affordable and they Work!

Often Way Better than your Homepage!

Tap the Leaf Icon below to download a Great Article on Local Landing Pages.

The article is content that will become one of my upcoming Blog Posts!

it's time to choose

What suits you best

Built as subdomain of your primary domain *


  • Working time 24/7 all days
  • Great Starter for Personal Branding
  • Most Features of "Big Brother" >>>
  • Less On-Page SEO Optimization

Super easy funnels too!

Easily Build Funnels With Landing Page Sets

Easy for us to repurpose pages for your funnel in the same design language. 

This means we can spin up new upsell, confirmation, download, and thank you pages and more in your new local landing page sets.

* Each additional page qualifies for a stair step discount.

The more I build in the same design set, the less you pay.

Think of it like this: 1 @ 100%, 2nd @ 80%, 3rd @ 70%, 4th +  @ 60%

Sales Funnels for Local


Q. Is it a regular webpage? A. Yes, it is. I often use a Go.subdomain to build them on. Sometimes if you are targeting specific areas we can use the local city or town name as the subdomain.

Q. Do you get the benefit of SEO backlinks? A. Of course!

Q. Are there any extra costs? A. Other than hosting, no. (none if we use your existing) and then a small quarterly subscription *

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