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Hi, I'm

David Jamison


David Jamison Florida

I am the owner of MMT Media Florida.

I live in Wesley Chapel Florida and run my business in West Central Florida.

I founded MMT in 2010.

My Focus Today is:

Real Estate Agent Marketing

I operated as until January of 2022.

I have since rebranded and focused on operating MMT as me, My focus with MMT Media Florida is operating as a Digital Marketing Consultant.

I began my Digital Marketing Education Journey in the early 2000s when the industry was really in it's infancy. 

My first real focus was doing Duct Tape Marketing with all of the disjointed tools that were available in those days.

David W Jamison

David W. Jamison

David Jamison Wesley Chapel Florida Digital Marketing Real Estate Agent Marketing

David Jamison Wesley Chapel Florida Digital Marketing Real Estate Agent Marketing @davidjamisonflorida

hyperlocal real estate marketing, real estate marketing for agents

And by-the-way for those "Searching", I am not the David Jamison from Edward Waters College in Jacksonville.

I do consider myself an Armchair History Professor and my Ph.D. is in Digital Marketing from the School of Self-Education.

The Story Continues

What's funny and interesting about the early days, is that I always referred to what I did as "Duct Tape Marketing", that John Jantsch later made famous when he wrote the book by the same title. + Duct Tape Marketing: The World's Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide +.

Good Book and I think his journey was not to dissimilar from his.

He went on to found his company "Duct Tape Marketing" that now operates as a Digital Marketing Agency Franchise type model.

Grab the Book on Google (or Amazon)


My first Digital Marketing GIG was working with a company in the Computer Aided Design Space on a contract basis. 

Me and a friend (that was also in the AutoDesk Space.) worked together to help the company launch a Value-Added Reseller Channel. It was NO easy feat as we were doing this during the economic downturn from 2007-2010.

It was an incredible learning journey for me, being the "autodidact type". I had worked in the Civil Engineering space and become a very proficient coder in the early days of AutoCAD. I had began learning AutoCAD in the mid 80s. So it was truly in it's infancy.

I began writing AutoLisp Code to enhance the functionality of AutoCAD while I was working in for a Civil Engineering Firm in Sarasota Florida

My Focus these Days:

Hyperlocal Marketing for Real Estate Agents

MMT Services:

"The 9 Step Services Menu" for Real Estate Agents

  • Google Business Profiles
  • Local Search
  • Hyperlocal Landing Pages
  • IDX Websites
  • CRM
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email & SMS Marketing
  • Lead Generation:
  • PPC - Pay-Per-Click
  • Facebook Retargeting
  • Google Local Service Ads


Digital Marketing Expert

Having started in the early days of Digital Marketing, if my memory serves me, the first inbound marketing platform (if you can call it that) that I used was Interspire. I think calling it inbound marketing is a stretch. It was really just an email marketing platform

What Tools did I use in the early days?

There are SO MANY Choices in this space it will make your head spin.

Back to my start, & early days. HubSpot was really the platform that I cut my teeth on. I also completed the FREE Inbound Marketing Specialist Certification with HubSpot very early & kept it up to date for many years. I still use their FREE CRM Tool as a Catch-All CRM for all of the tools I use.

So Fast Forward to Today in the Digital Marketing Space...

So today (as of writing), 4/16/2023, I am super focused in the Real Estate Agent Marketing space. Long gone are the days of being know as the "Sales Funnel" GOOROO (Not Spelling GURU out for SEO Purposes), or the Sales Funnel Architect. (I do still own that domain if anyone is interested)

I was never a big fan of "Click Funnels". It has grown to be a titan and Russel Brunson has become a veritable Rock Star because of it. It was just never a good fit for me. I had been building "Sales Funnels" for years before CF launched.

I started using Thrive Themes in the WordPress realm and it has become a staple for me over the years. I think I was probably one of the first 500 or so customers with them.

Shane Melaugh was the founder and has since went on to sell the company to a huge WordPress Developer that is based here in Florida. Good for Shane... He is Truly a "RockStar" in the space imho.

Try Thrive Themes:

Thrive Themes

Did I learn Everything Completely on my Own?

I would like to say YES, but that would not be accurate. In 2015 or 2016 I came across Aaron Fletcher of The Fletcher Method when I was working on a VAR Partner Project with a company called "Indigenous Software". I don't think it really every got totally off the ground, but this is where I ended up meeting Aaron Fletcher.

He was promoting the platform "loosely", which I never understood. Thinking that "Aaron Fletcher" is NOT going to use this product." But maybe he was in that Pre-Influencer "Product Pimping" Stage. (Sorry Aaron, please call me out if needed 🤣) @socialcheese 

But to finish the story, I was early in with Aaron and "The Fletcher Method". I sat in on one of his Early Webinars and was hooked.

I became a Certified Business Performance Coach with the "Fletcher Method" and Aaron's Coaching Program. I was in the first 10 or so to go through and complete the certification.

I was in the first 10 or so to go through and complete the certification.

Over the course of trainings from 2016 to 2018 my Skill Set vastly improved and it was at that point that I developed the Plan, Build, Grow Method that I use to this very day. What Aaron really helped me hone in on and become a master of, was with Messaging, Audience Definition, Offers and then the Real Deep Dive was with PPC Advertising, Retargeting and Programmatic Advertising.

Certified Business Performance Coach The Fletcher Method

Aaron has since grown his community into the thousands of members level. His Facebook Groups and the Coaching Communities and where he has really taken things to the NEXT LEVEL is with his GrowthWorks Program. Check it out here. Not a Partner Deal, just me recommending something that I believe in. (Now I do wish Aaron had a Partner or Referral Program for this, as I would be all over it)

Information about MMT Media Florida:

This one is interesting. A Link from Kona Equity: Annual Revenues & Employee Count

Maybe I can use that valuation to secure funding for my next venture. 🤣🤣🤣

So for the last 2 years my sole focus has been in the Real Estate Marketing Space. I had my Florida Real Estate License, but I had it primarily for the purposes of working with Realtors going back to 2010 and was doing work with a Local Coldwell Banker Broker in the early days of Real Estate Digital Marketing. Very crude then. Now I am in the process of getting re-licensed and will be doing some interesting things in the Real Estate Sales Space.

I am a HUGE proponent of working as part of a Team in the Real Estate Sales area. There are just so many moving parts and plates spinning at one time, I am of the belief that TEAMS are almost a necessity today.

Now as far as Real Estate Agent Digital Marketing Tools... Let's Fast Forward to 2023.


What are my "Go To" Tools in 2023?

My #1 IDX Platform for Real Estate Agents is AgentFire.

What is AgentFire? AgentFire is Your perfect real estate website AgentFire gives you a feature-packed hyperlocal website that you can perfectly tailor to your needs with a custom design, powerful addons, and trusted PPC & CRM experts.

MMT Media Florida AgentFire Partner

And then for the CRM side of the business, I like LionDesk, my Referral Code for LionDesk is: 1323912.

I also like FollowUpBoss, (Mike at FUB gives my Clients a 30 Day Trial vs. the 10 or 14 days. I also have clients that use TopProducer & recently I have been working with a few clients that use WiseAgent and I am finding some things about that platform that I really like.

I have more digging to do before I could even begin to give any real insight or recommendations.

There are other tools that I use with my Real Estate Agent Clients, but I will spare you all the boring details for now.

Oh, and some of them are simply part of my "Secret Sauce", don't want to make things too easy for my competitors.

Looking for a Better Online Presence?

ALL New Clients will get the "Farm Area" Flywheel  & Local Ranking Content Strategy? FOR FREE?

General Details about David Jamison ~

So as far as searching "David Jamison" "Digital Marketing" online goes...

Of course I am in ALL of the Usual Places:

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Instagram: https://instagram/davidjamisonfl



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Lately with some of my Searches, or others Searching Me...

I have found that there are WAY MORE "David Jamison" identities than I would have imagined.

My Personal Gmail Profile (I am a Local Guide and Proud of it)... 🤣🤣🤣

[ Here is my Local Guide Profile: ]


Google Search:

David Jamison Digital Marketing, Wesley Chapel Florida 


But if you are looking for David Jamison, Florida in Wesley Chapel that is a Digital Marketing Consultant and the owner of MMT Media Florida, then you have found the RIGHT One.

Find Out More About Me & MMT Media Florida @

What do Digital Marketing Experts do in the Real Estate Industry?

Digital marketing experts play a critical role in the real estate industry, as they help real estate businesses promote their properties and services to potential customers using digital channels. Here are some of the key tasks that digital marketing experts in the real estate industry may perform:

  1. Develop Digital Marketing Strategies: Digital marketing experts work with real estate businesses to develop digital marketing strategies that are tailored to their specific needs and goals. This may involve analyzing the target audience, defining the key messaging and value propositions, and selecting the most effective digital channels to reach potential customers.
  2. Create and Manage Digital Content: Digital marketing experts create and manage various types of digital content, such as blog posts, social media posts, email newsletters, videos, and virtual tours. This content is designed to showcase the real estate properties and services offered by the business, while also providing valuable information and insights to potential customers.
  3. Run Digital Advertising Campaigns: Digital marketing experts may create and manage digital advertising campaigns to reach potential customers through paid channels such as search engines, social media platforms, and display networks. These campaigns may include targeted ads, retargeting campaigns, and other tactics designed to increase brand awareness and drive conversions.
  4. Monitor and Analyze Performance: Digital marketing experts use various tools and metrics to monitor and analyze the performance of their digital marketing efforts. This allows them to identify areas of strength and weakness, and to adjust their strategies and tactics accordingly to maximize ROI.

Digital marketing experts in the real estate industry play a critical role in helping real estate businesses connect with potential customers and achieve their marketing goals in the digital age.

If you compare this ChatGPT "Gold Standard" to what we do at MMT... There is ZERO Comparison!

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