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The Story

MarketingMouseTrap.com was founded in 2010 by David Jamison.From 2010 to 2020 MMT (MarketingMouseTrap.com) grew from a small local internet marketing service to a legitimate digital marketing agency serving clients across the united states.

We positioned the agency to catch the Sales Funnel Building craze that really kicked off in 2016. Working with other Coaches and Marketing Mentors like Aaron Fletcher of the FletcherMethod, and learning from industry icons like Russell Brunson (ClickFunnels.com), Frank Kern and Stephen Esketzis and Shane Melaugh (ThriveThemes.com).

During late 2019 and early 2020 MarketingMouseTrap.com turned our focus back to Local Marketing. And with the Covid Lockdown of early 2020, we saw many small businesses struggling and the goal was to help them learn to survive online and then ultimately thrive once things got back to business as usual.

In 2022, after somewhat of a working sabbatical, I decided to focus on my personal branding and operating as DavidJamison.com vs. MarketingMouseTrap.com. I had an offer to purchase the agency, but in late December, early January of 2022, I ultimately decided to take on a strategic partner to operate MarketingMouseTrap.com as a dedicated blogging, review & affiliate marketing platform for Digital Marketing Tools, Website Builders and other online marketing tools that were the cream of the crop. So "Thanks" for dropping by during the transition.

I know you were directed here to my site. While you are here you might as well learn a little about what I am doing as an individual and digital marketing consultant.

The Problem

Small Businesses have little knowledge or time to focus on building their Online Presence.

Not only are they limited by time, they were even more limited in technical knowledge of Digital Marketing and to cap it off, they had even less interest.

David jamison mmt media florida

David Jamison

MarketingMouseTrap.com created a menu based local marketing program to make it easy for small local businesses to get started on the best path to online success without the need for complicated quotes and proposals.

Finding out through trial & error + the frustrations businesses had with reading and understanding marketing proposals, we created the Modular Marketing System that is Super Easy to Follow, administer & Afford!

Our Solution

But since you are here go ahead and visit my homepage

Hyperlocal marketing for real estate agents by davidjamison. Com