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Flywheel Marketing for Realtors and Brokers

Are You Ready to Dominate Your Local Market?

Flywheel Marketing for Realtors [and Brokers]

+ Includes the "How To" for Slides to Video Creation process > SEO Listings +

Get the Maximum Value out of your Content

Learn More about Flywheel Marketing for Realtors and Brokers can transform you lead generation, listings and closings in 2022 and beyond. The Funnel is Dead!

The Power of the Flywheel

Flywheel Marketing for Real Estate Agents is somewhat of a new concept. But you can take the essence of Flywheel Marketing, Simple Content Repurposing, "Give to Get" Marketing Concepts, as well as bottom line SEO concepts that directly influence Google Local Search to Supercharge your Hyperlocal Marketing Efforts. Winning the Hyperlocal Marketing Game is easier than you think.


  • Power your Flywheel:
  • What is a Flywheel and How to Create One:

What's possible with a Flywheel Marketing System?

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Ready to Dig In to the "How To"?

Below I will walk you through the entire process of creating a Listing Slide Presentation and converting into a highly optimized Listing Video that you can upload to YouTube, your Google Business Profile, create a Listing Landing Page with the Video and more. Repurpose, Repurpose!

Learn About AgentFire Real Estate Marketing

"How To"

Slides to Video for Listings

Here I will walk you through the process of creating a Slide Listing Presentation (the Recipe) and then converting into a powerful piece of Flywheel Marketing Content (SEO Listing Video) that drives results not only to your Open Houses and Closings, but becomes supercharged Hyperlocal SEO Content.

Stay Tuned, the "HOW TO" Video will be LIVE Soon!
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The above video (it is NOT a Listing Video) is an example of how 1 Google Slide Presentation was converted to a PowerPoint, then exported to a Video, Uploaded to YouTube (and SEOed Up), added a Transcript, then downloaded to ADD to my Google Business Profile, and then wrote and Blog Article with the Content from the Presentation, added the YouTube Video as an Embedded Video in the Blog, turned back around and Updated the Google Business Post with the Blog Link in the LEARN MORE Button, and then lastly turned the Blog Post into a Link that was embedded into the Social Posts and added to ContentStudio as a piece of Evergreen Content for my Social Marketing.

The "How To" Video for the Slides to Video will walk a Listing Presentation (Slides) through the SAME entire process.

Just ONE Listing turns into months of powerful SEO that drives your Local Search Results! How often do you want to do this?

Guess What? I am going to do the SAME thing with the "How To" Video. Why Waste a Content Marketing Moment? (and a piece of content?)

Here are some of the ways ONE Piece of Content was repurposed:

What makes me different

I can do this stuff with "My Eyes Closed".

Of course I don't. (And it would make it way harder)

So I will keep my eyes WIDE OPEN and create

Killer Content to "Feed Your Marketing Machine".

I specialize in Real Estate Agent Marketing and my Content falls in that space.

So just let me know what you are thinking and I will create it for you. 

From Social Templates, Listing Videos, SEO Blog Articles and more.

I can make you look like a million bucks on your way to making a million bucks!

Schedule a Call and we can discuss your Online Presence & Content Strategy