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I have worked with Dozens (maybe hundreds) of Real Estate Agents & Brokers over the years. Starting in 2010, some of my first clients were Realtors, (Actually a Local Broker) , from that point I knew that getting results for Realtors was important for them. But more importantly, I realized that it was simple, easy and I had developed an effective method of creating predictable results for agents.

Over the years I worked with over 20 industry types, but my passion for getting clients results kept pushing me back to digital marketing for realtors. Having been a licensed agent, working with one of the largest real estate masterminds in the country and partnering with realtors on digital marketing projects, I knew this was the space that would ultimately become my total focus.

Creating a hyperlocal, search focused web presence for real estate agents is super rewarding for me. I see their anticipation, excitement and enthusiasm for the project build with each stage and the buy in from not only the agents, but the brokers they work for have been the fuel that has ignited my passion for the space.

After creating a Local Marketing focused agency during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown and becoming an absolute expert on Google My Business Profiles and Optimizations. I quickly realized that combining the power of "Near Me" Google Search with Google Business Profiles and SEO Optimized Hyperlocal Landing Pages, along with a few other special digital marketing ingredients would be an absolute "Slam Dunk" for Individual Real Estate Agents.

Combine that epiphany with the fact that I had my Real Estate License and went to work for a broker that was part of a large national franchise (Coldwell Banker) and realized that agents were essentially thrown out on their own with little or no training, no marketing system to speak of and that even if you did make a go of it and become successful "stumbling' around in the dark... Who really wanted ALL of their hard work, leads, prospecting and sales data in the "Jaws of a National Franchise. That just might go and open a corporate office down the street with all of your information in their data silo. Rules of the road say that anything you enter into their CRM and System is their property. Yikes!

But the bigger epiphany was realizing that working with small, local businesses that I had to figure out a way to "Productize" Digital Marketing Services. As marketing proposals were always a nightmare. Too much information, too complicated, too confusing. And my rule of thumb with clients was always "If You Confuse Them, You Lose Them". So I developed a MENU (a 9 Step Modular Marketing System for Local Marketing) and I ported that over to the Real Estate Agent Marketing Space. You can see the 10 Steps. There are a few in between steps that I call "Digital Dirty Work" that are absolutely essential. But putting them out their for clients to see is pretty much pointless. I still make that mistake today. I talk about "All Things Google" Accounts, "Digital Dirty Work" as in Facebook Pixels, Google Tags, JavaScripts for X,Y and Z... Blah, Blah, Blah!

So the next step with Realtor Marketing was this; I modularized the marketing elements for realtors. And I began focusing on working with my clients to develop their own brand, their own tools, their own online presence and marketing system. So no matter where they hung their shingle, nothing really changed. Other than the environment, commission splits etc.

So back to my 10 Step Services Menu for a moment...

I will be entering the 10 Steps here shortly...

There is a D.I.Y. Version as well.

(Not as clear cut, but it will give you many clues)

So this will be an ongoing "Info Page" as it is not a blog post, but will serve as a guideline for agents to learn more about the make up of a proper Real Estate Agent Online Presence. I will probably post a few samples, information on the tools that I use with clients and then a few nuggets or clues on "secret sauce" digital marketing tricks that I employ. Especially when it comes to driving ranking results with your Google Business Profile.

So stay tuned and check back often.

Things I am working on "Right Now"

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