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You Never Give Yourself a Knick Name...

I Consider It More Than Lame To Do So!

But When Your Name is David Jamison it often turns into James Davidson or some variation

So Clients Just Started Calling Me...

"The Marketing Dude"

 ... And it stuck

What's in a Name?

Some things happen for "No Reason"

Then there are those things that you just know when they happen ...

It was for a Reason!

I had always had a creative side

I was the kid that was always turning something the teacher said into something, well you know goofy. Sure they called it being "Witty". The "MOST WITTY" Award.

I always felt like that was just the "Showing Up" Trophy.

A Diamond in the Rough

I was that person that thought I should "DO THIS" Because! Because WHY?

Well, your good at Math, Good at Science, Good at Sports ... Whatever?

Went to school for engineering, computer-aided design, worked in the Autodesk Space. It just was not really what I wanted to do. But I knew Tech. But it seemed that Marketing Tech might be a better fit. So off I went. Self Teaching! I can learn anything.

After ignoring a Sign or 3

You End Up exactly where you are supposed to be! Well that is how I ended up becoming "The Marketing Dude". Smack Dab, Right Here!

Better Online Marketing

The Journey Here

Yes, if you do a "Google Search" for "The Marketing Dude", you will get a few "wannabes", a few close seconds and then just some random stuff that comes up.

And Yes, I could have gotten the "Actual Domain" for the, well you know.

I already had people searching me that way. Actually to this very day, "The Marketing Dude" is one of the TOP Searches I get, to this very day.

I didn't feel I needed to pay $20K for a Domain.

My name & branding website produces just about as good as my agency name, So I decided in late 2021 just to be "ME". And my company is MMT Media Florida, and MMT is just easy. Outside of economics & finance people think I have some take on "Modern Monetary Theory".

Nope, I know what it is, and I don't really agree with it. But that is not something I am going to put too much thought into. I got Bigger Fish to Fry!

I have got "Better Online Marketing" to do for people, companies, start ups, side hustlers, subject matter experts, the List is Endless!

And in 2022, the Great Resignation is underway.

Way too many people need my Digital Marketing Services and Launch Services right now to even think about doing something else. And it is tough to resign when you own the company.

But enough of that.


Now you know, Why I am called

"The Marketing Dude"

I remember when I met David. I went back to the office and was talking to my business partner. Telling him all the great marketing stuff that he was doing. He said so what is the guys name? I was like, I can't remember, MMT something or other. I think he is just called The Marketing Dude. 

And from then on that is just what we called him.

Aaron H. (another Marketing Dude)

The Marketing Dude