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The Anthony White Team

The Anthony White Team

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A Little About "The Anthony White Team"

The Anthony White Team is led by Anthony White, Realtor / Broker at Coldwell Banker Ellison Realty in Ocala Florida. Anthony has sold over 400 Properties, has handled the Property Management Division for Coldwell Banker Ellison Realty Property Management. Along with a number of other responsibilities.

He also handles agent training, mentoring and is on the Ellison Realty Inc. Board.

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This Online Presence...

Will allow Anthony and his Team to make a solid impact in the Local Search Market. The Project comprised 9 of the 10 Elements on the MMT 10 Step Online Presence Services Menu. Once the online presence is fully launched a comprehensive social media and content marketing plan will begin. We refer to this as "Feeding the Machine". Once this is in Motion, their Evergreen Lead Machine will be in full operation.

The Anthony White Team Ocala Real Estate