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Real Geeks Real Estate Marketing

Create new leads. Deliver value over time. Know when a lead is ready to close.

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    Real Geeks Real Estate marketing

    Everything you need to grow your Real Estate business.

    Sleek, elegant, modern, websites with seamless integration into the industry's most powerful CRM. Built for agents by agents.

    Real Geeks Real Estate Marketing Solutions are very broad. They offer a complete suite of  Real Estate Sales & Marketing Solutions.

    Powerful, self-serve product and growth analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more.

    There products can be accessed by agents while in the field on IOS and Andriod Apps. And on the client facing side of the apps Leads can search, favorites and save properties on their mobile devices. Deliver real-time property updates to your leads instantly with push notifications! Real Geeks Autoresponders are amazing. Real Geeks' AI assistant, Robin, instantly engages new leads. And has the ability to do discovery and set appointments.

    And it is almost impossible to tell that it is AI Chat vs. a Live Human Agent. Super Slick!

    And Real Geeks has Tons of Integrations, so whatever you are already using, no worries, it integrates seamlessly!

    Way too many features to even begin covering here! Go to their Website and Learn More ...

    David Jamison Wesley Chapel Florida

    Real Geeks has become my favorite real estate marketing platform for agents. It makes taking care of my clients a breeze. Amazing Tools!

    David Jamison | MMT Media Florida