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  • Lead Capture & Nurturing for Local
  • Local On-Page SEO Optimization
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What You’ll learn in my FREE Courses:

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1. Google Business Profile Setup & Optimization

Google My Business Class Overview
Recent Changes: GMB to GBP
What Is A GMB Listing
How To Check If You Already Have A GMB Listing
How to Set Up a GMB Listing
How To Navigate Around The GMB Dashboard
GMB Ranking Factors - What You're Going To Learn
GMB Ranking Factors

More . . . (Watch the Short Video Above)

2. Hyper-Local Landing Pages

An Overview of Local Multi-Location SEO
Technical SEO for Local Pages
Location Page Design
Scaling Content: Local SEO for Multiple Locations
A List of Off-Page Local SEO Factors
A Complete List of Local Landing Page Focal Points
Our Local Landing Page Template (Example)

3. Lead Capture & Nurturing for Local

There are several incentives you can offer on lead capture pages, including:

Free trial
Cheat Sheets
Discount or coupon

You will learn much more in the FREE Course . . .

4. Local On-Page SEO Optimization

Here I am going to give you a preview into On-Page SEO and I am going to give you a link to a Great SEO companies On-Page SEO Resource. Why? It is Really Good Stuff, and once you go through it and see their pricing structure ... You will Call Us Asap to do your On-Page SEO! Little Secret, we provide the identical service for 40% of their rates.

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