Marketing Agency vs. Marketing Consultant

Which One is Right for You?

When searching for an Online Marketing Partner to help grow your company’s digital marketing ROI, you’ll likely come across both marketing consultants and digital marketing agencies.

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The Comparison:

So keep in mind, that as I write this, and you read this article ...

It will most likely Dawn on you that I am a Digital Marketing Consultant.

And you would expect me to be biased, Right?

Of Course. I get that part. But it is my goal to present the information here in a way that is, in fact, not biased. 

Why Would I do that you ask?

Honestly, I know I can not work with everyone. And everyone has their own built-in bias. I want to make sure that the people that BOOK A CALL with me and ultimately contract with me to handle their online presence development and their marketing, want to work with me and we are a good fit for each other. So if this short article helps both of us ...

Well, It has Done It's Job!

A few details to start:

When you begin your search for Online Marketing Assistance to help grow your online digital marketing ROI, and you begin to search for help ...

You will run across both in your Google Search!

Probably how you found me!

So here are a few key points you will read about

  • The detailed differences between consultants and agencies
  • Pros and Cons of each one
  • How to create a quick "Ben Franklin List" to help you decide
  • And ultimately how to arrive at the RIGHT Choice for you and your Business

Digtal Marketing Consultants and Marketing agencies offer the same types of services and often project very  similar traffic results. 

So let me encapsulate both quickly before more of a deep dive.

A digital marketing consultant is most often handling every aspect of your project as if it were their own online business. 

 A Marketing agency offers a very wide range of services and most often have employees, interns and even outsource staff complete each individual task without a connection to each step in the online journey.

Before I go into a breakdown of each of the Pros and Cons...

Please Digest what I just told you above ...

That in and of itself is often enough to help you make your decision!

But let's keep moving along!

The Agency:

Marketing agency:


To lead off: As I said above. 1 agency handling everything, and often it is a very fragmented (or disconnected process). So if that is the case, why even consider an agency. Well, it is easy. The may be highly visible. The may process super rapid turn arounds. But all of that comes at a price. But let's STAY Pro here for a second.

I think the BIG Plus, is that you can grow and they may be able to handle your needs as your budget and demands increase. Great!

With an agency, you might have just 1 point of contact or an Account Manager. (I give you that too)

So the BIG Offering Here is This:

Bigger teams have bigger skill sets and added bandwidth to be able to offer constant testing, they have a ton of resources to show why they are so great! Pssst ... They are a Marketing Agency! Why would they not?

Oh, sorry ... I said I would not be biased. 

Marketing agency:

Cons (easier for me 🙂 )

A marketing consultant is a single person focused on strategy. A marketing agency typically provides a team focused on both strategy and execution. They may have so many people for you to meet with that your head spins.

And that will come with a cost. Marketing agencies have a higher fees because of their more broad roster or teammates. 

And let me break something down for you.

Agencies run staff on a billing multiplier. I worked in the Engineering Industry early on in my career, and every employee was billable, and had a multiplier as a rule of 3.

What is a Multiplier? 

Let's say the employee makes $30 an Hour as their wage. Most often they are billed out at $90 an Hour.

Maybe more! And every agency employee want to have a high billable time ratio. So they often pack hours on to projects that they have worked on, in a cover their eyes and point manner.

I am not saying this happens often, but it does happen.

They also use interns, outsource staff and more.

I will cut it short here.

The Consultant

Marketing Consultant:


For small or new startups with smaller budgets, a marketing consultant may be the best way to go.

If you’re just starting and you don't even know where to start, consultants often can help you with your initial planning as part of the project costs. And maybe you don’t need as much website optimization, tech integrations or extras with your online build out strategy, this is where consultants can be a really great cost-effective option for you.

And consultant most often have much better pricing or fee structures. Why? Remember the multiplier? Only 1 mouth to feed, so to speak.

With a consultant, you can build a tight relationship that can often grow right along with your business.

And guess what, they REALLY CARE about your Results! It becomes a personal endeavor.

Marketing consultants are often hyper focused on helping your solve problems. That is Huge! 

You will often find that they have a Super Broad Skill Set that is Simply Unmatched at an Agency!

It is WHY they Do What They Do!

Marketing Consultant:

Cons (Harder for me 🙁 )

I am going to let you figure out the Cons. I think I have laid out enough here to help your formulate a decision one way or another.

If anything I said above resonated with you ... 

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