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MMT Media, Florida is an active member of the Fletcher Method Community. MMT also acts as an affiliate partner for the :Fletcher Method. We subscribe & use Aaron Fletcher's strategies & frameworks and have seen them increase our Subscriber List and Conversion over 400%! Whether you have an existing business or are just in the concept the TFM Community will give you Access to the Mentorship, Accountability, Peer Support you need to 10X your Business!

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David Jamison | MMT Media, Florida |

David Jamison

About MMT Media, Florida & David Jamison...

My entrepreneurial journey started in 1983, while in college I started a local Phone Book Cover selling to Small Businesses! Today, my zest for business ventures and helping "Small Business Owners" has never been stronger. There have never been better opportunities for the Small and Medium sized business owners to compete with the "Big Boys"! Heck, maybe even Out-Compete them! Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation, SEO, PPC, Social Media and a proven marketing method with well crafted execution plans make the small business owner a force to be reckoned with. Well, at least when they have the right Marketing Coach and Business Mentor! I went from offline business in the software market to ecommerce to affiliate niche sites and from displaced and desperate to grounded and successful. Come Join me and Learn how to Launch your own Lifestyle Niche Site doing what you "LOVE"! You know what "they" say... Do what you Love and you Never Work another day in your Life! Learn more about the "POP Marketing Method" and our partners, tools and resources!

Dave is an "Entrepreneur" through and through. Not only does he understand the "Tech" side of Marketing, he has a deep knowledge of Marketing Psychology, the power of persuasion relating to messaging, headlines, call-to-actions, conversions and more. Our Website is not only friendly and functional, it works! We have engaged more leads and customers than I thought was really possible. I did not even know what a Sales Funnel was when I first met Dave. If he can do this with Catering... Wow! What is my next endeavor... He has really educated me on the world of Online Marketing, Social Media and the value of growing a "LIST"!

Mary Willis - "Chef Mary" Tampa, Florida
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Dave has always been a student of everything he is passionate about, whether it is Baseball, Fishing or Online Marketing. He only believes in being an "Expert" at everything he immerses himself in! He is incredibly passionate about Online Marketing and building Sales Funnels, and ultimately about helping your Business Succeed. If you are a Small Business owner looking to establish a Web Presence and Lead Capturing Machine... get in touch with MMT Media, Florida!

Coach Ryan Pryor - RockStar Baseball Ranch, Florida
John Doe UI/UX Designer
The Ultimate WEBSITE CONVERSION Optimizer